Saturday, April 28, 2012

A lovely trip to Kasauli

A trip to the hills...always wonderful, always welcome. This time we went to Kasauli, one of my favorite places in the hills, just because I have grown up close by and visited the town so many times. I still love going to the old haunts, like eating bunsums (bun samosa's) in the bazaar like we did when we were kids!

Some photos from my trip.

Petite little flowers in delicate hues.

Steep winding paths.

Sun dappled light and shadows.

Beautiful views of the plains. This is the newest block of rooms to be renovated....they're in the final stages now...and what a view they have, especially if it's not as hazy as it was this day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

sitting under a pergola

I've been enjoying the spring flowers so much that I've decided that whenever I build or buy my own house, I'm definitely going to put in a pergola. I just love the idea of a creeper climbing up and then showering us with the most beautiful displays of flowers possible. We used to have a lovely pergola with wisteria climbing over it at the art gallery I once worked at and we used to love to sit under it and have a coffee or two! There's just something so meditative sitting under one, isn't it! Spring has been a lovely time to be home out here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

these things..

With a toddler in the house, you really never know where and how things end up! I've found the oddest things in the oddest of places, as if she's carefully thought about where to hide, or rather place, her little things.

Monday, April 16, 2012

lists and the magic of lights

You should see my shopping list these days. It varies wildly from rubber bands to sandpaper to hole punchers to balloons! It's the result of keeping too much to do at the tail end of my vacation, of remembering all sorts of things I need, I might need, I might not need but why not buy it anyway kind of lists. Lately, I've been intrigued by led lights and am thinking they would make a fun display at home why not take a rope of them too! You know the ones, when they're embedded inside a rope! On the other hand, I love the simple strings of fairy lights...which I have got already, so will have to think of a more creative use for them instead! Ever since I started photography on a semi-serious note, I find myself noticing the light all the time. At first it was only natural light, but bit by bit, I'm also trying to capture sights in lamp light too and candle light as well. And since I've started using the Manual setting of the camera, I find that I can do so much more with it. What a waste of time to take so long to get started on it!

living in an immediate world

Have you noticed that more and more people are finding it acceptable to use whatever means possible to look good? Plastic surgery, botox, thread facelifts, nutritional supplements and so on. Dieting, lifestyle changes and gym visits are becoming passe. Is it because it's too much work, or that it takes too long? But what about the results? Aren't they longer lasting when the process is slower. According to a recent study, there are more and more people using things like high t, which fall under the general ambit of supplements, I suppose. But it's not only more, but younger too, which makes it all the more interesting. Patience or impatience at letting things take time is what's made all the difference. We all live in an instant world. We want the Internet to work immediately, the search results to come back barely after we've typed in the query, and that's how we want the rest of our life to be as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

in the drawing room

Just another day at home. Enjoying the lovely cool weather, rains, chilly breezes, thunder and lightning. And the flowers, of course. Really enjoying the abundance of flowers at home, which after the rains have taken a beating!

ps: do you say drawing room or living room? Here at home-home, this is a formal room, so we call it the drawing room, but at my own home, I call it the living room, since it quite relaxed and casual!

Monday, April 09, 2012

the past week

The past week has gone by so fast that it's been hard to keep up. When one is on vacation, time seems to take on a faster speed, don't you think! The days seem to just whizz by without even realizing. The weather has been beautiful, with warm sunny days, bordering on hot almost, and very pleasant cool nights, and the new leaves are shooting out everywhere, teeny tiny red peepul leaves (which I am yet to capture) along with a host of new leaves ranging from the freshest green to red, to brown to orange-y shades.

Munching on some cookies in the afternoon. Lately, my favorite afternoon munchies have been chips.

So lovely to have fresh flowers from the garden!

My spot in the study. Love to lounge here as the sun comes streaming in, winter and summer!

 I love finding these old trees that just are so huge that they extend in every direction. Also, one usually finds an interesting vendor or two underneath...a chaiwallah or mochi or someone selling bread pakoras!

Friday, April 06, 2012

some bracelets for the summer

Having time on your hands is such a joy isn't it! I am making the most of it while I can. Lately, what has been catching my fancy is some really cool streamlined stainless steel bracelets. They feel totally minimal and spare, and that is really appealing to me at present. Some of the Basix designs almost feel like anniversary bands, but for the wrist. Very cool and very apt for the summer too. I love the little bits of jewelery I can wear on a daily basis, the little earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and I spent some time browsing them at Dilli Haat too, when I was there last month, but these are quite different from them, in their spareness of design.

Are potential customers able to find you?

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strumming away!

I've been wanting to learn a musical instrument for the longest time. I've tried learning to play the piano, and I just couldn't get the coordination right and I didn't have the time required to devote to it either. So, now I'm thinking that maybe it's better to go the guitar way. I'd love to learn to play an acoustic guitar, especially now that little E is so fond of music and responds to it instantly. I did some research online and found these beautiful gibson acoustic guitars, which make my heart melt. I know it's not an easy task, but it's good to try to learn new things right, and learning to play an acoustic guitar, especially a Gibson, should be worth a try at least. These babies, such as the Hummingbird has a sweet velvet tone and a beautiful distinctive appearance that I'd love to own. I just need to start saving my pennies now!

Friends or Fawlty Towers!

These days while I'm on vacation and have a good amount of time to watch tv and movies, I find that there are no good sitcoms on anymore. For someone who has loved shows like Friends and Seinfeld and seen them right from the start, I find some of the ones that are one nowadays quite lame. Scrubs as of course a good one, but that ended with a whimper too, although it did a world of good for the world of medical scrubs, making them quite popular! These days, I'm craving to see some of the old British shows, like Fawlty Towers which was one of the best of the best in the world of sitcoms. Just a few shows before it ended since John Cleese didn't want it to go downhill and wanted to end at it's peak! So, till date it has plenty of fans across the world!

Monday, April 02, 2012


It's been a wonderful week...apart from both e and me getting a bit of a cough and cold. We've had time to relax, to go out for coffee, to go to the playground, to just sit and chill and do nothing. It's a lovely feeling to be back home.

As always, I love cutting flowers from the garden and arranging them for different corners of the house. 

Having coffee in the study with an old friend. Always lovely to catch up with friends, especially old-old friends.

Relaxing in the afternoon in the study and noticing the sunshine streaming in through the sheer curtains.

More flowers from the garden. I love our winter flowers.

And some coffee outside with friends!

so tempted

I've always been a fan of jewelry! Which girl isn't right! I love wearing my engagement ring and love to admire it at every opportunity I get. It's a beautiful ring and suits my hand perfectly. These days, I'm getting tempted at getting a pair of anniversary rings for us, or for me at least, so I can pair it with my engagement ring. The simplicity of anniversary bands really appeals to me and I think it would be the perfect addition to my current ring. It's so tempting to treat oneself to something pretty every once in a while, isn't it!

the whole month

The whole month day 30 // toys day 30 day 31 // where you relax day 31

Wow, can you believe the whole month is over! I missed a few days in-between, but that's life isn't it. I was busy with a bit of travel and the camera breaking down, just made it too much to do. On the most part, I did enjoy doing the daily photos, although I did struggle on some days, and sometimes just wanted to do the shot...good or not. That's what I found was the hardest part. I love being able to be creative about photography and having the feeling that I was forced or Had to do it, made it a little less fun on some days. I loved trying my hand at different subjects, things I would normally not consider taking photos of, so that was a really good part of it all.

Who knows, I might even do it again sometime!

yay for easter cookies

The way the on-line shopping segment has been picking up, one can pretty much order anything and everything from the comfort of your own home. While I've not done much shopping for clothes on-line, I do like to buy flowers and gift baskets on-line to send to friends in faraway places. It's the simplest and quickest of ways to share a special day with someone, I suppose, when one is far away. With Easter around the corner, I'm really tempted to have a decorate cookie delivered to a friend whom I know would really appreciate it. Plus, their choices are so cute, with lovely colorful bunnies, eggs and flowers, it is hard to resist!

gifting the right way

The thing about buying presents is that they should not only match the person you are buying them for, but also be a representation of your taste. I find it really nice to be able to buy not only good but great gifts, matching who will like what and trying to find really interesting things for them. It's much easier to buy gifts for women of course, so much more choice, so much variety and so much more fun. For men, it could be something as simple as cao cigars, which might be the right gift for cigar aficionados. Not everyone is a cigar fan, of course, but I find that many people will covet such a gift, just for the status of it all, maybe just displaying it and offering it to guests instead of using it themselves!