Monday, November 26, 2012

daily jam session

We're home for the holidays and I'm enjoying a much awaited rest and time off. The little one is having a whale of a time with the grandparents and the emphasis is on music. She adores to sing and play the keyboards, so that's on the program every single day. I wonder if she'll have this affinity to music when she grows up too. I do hope so, since she has the rhythm, a lovely thing to see in a child. And she makes it look so effortless. I wonder if I'll be buying things like Proline Stands in the future, along with whatever instrument she's interested in. Being good in music is one thing, but if you have the right equipment and instruments, it can make all the difference in the world. So far, the keyboard has been her favorite instrument, something she plays on a daily basis, if plays is what you can call it! Getting a keyboard stand is not that far off in my mind...maybe a few years, and then she can have fun jamming. I like the look of the simple x-stands, especially the ones without a clutch mechanism, which usually wears out with usage. Having a light and sturdy stand is also essential, something which is perfect for small to medium sized keyboards and something that has fully welded contact points.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the week gone by..

Another week gone rushed tonight, since the little one is not well. Too much coughing for my liking. Breaks my heart to hear her cough this damn cough that's not going away. How do you take it? Knowing how awful your child is feeling and that you can do nothing more than try to soothe them. So, I'll keep it short and sweet. It's my turn at holding her now.
 The first rays of sunshine, streaming into the living room. And yes, those are the diwali diyas, still on my windowsill, yet to be removed.

 Did some baking after a while, this was Apple Cobbler made for Diwali dinner....I know, so non-traditional, but what to do, that's all I can do!

Gorgeous light of the setting sun. We're having to go out earlier and earlier for our walk. Today, E sang and ran all the way to the grass, teasing me as I tried to take shot after shot of her and then turning away. But I managed to get some good ones of her....and of these flowers too.

are you done shopping?

Just the last few days before we leave for our trip home and still so many things to do. The one thing that I've been lagging behind this time around is buying presents, and it seems that I have to buy so many more presents this time around. So, I have been surfing online, not only to find interesting stuff, but also to find some new ideas, to be inspired. And I have come across some great ideas, mostly from other blogs that I read on a pretty regular basis....but I'm not listing the ideas here quite as yet, at least not until I've gifted them. The interesting thing is that they are quite different from what I'd normally buy as presents, maybe not as different as something like cigars humidor or a piece of moonrock, but still different. And no, I'm not done yet. ps: black friday weekend is coming up soon, so make that list.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have come to love marking the passage of time with photos and little excerpts below them. Maybe because it makes the week seem more fun that it might have been, when all you can think of is how tired you are, or maybe it's just a good way to focus on the good side of things. Whichever way, it's become the practice to post every Sunday night with some photos of the previous week.
 Running with joy.....with the weather finally so lovely in Dubai, the evening walks have become so much more fun. She loves to notice the birds and pick up fallen flowers along the way, ending at a grassy patch where we play with the ball and blow bubbles.

 A morning treat, picked up at the bakery after dropping her to school one morning!

Lovely little flowers along the way in the pale light of the evening. I love these little flowers, and we have lots and lots of them along the paths here.

music makes the world go round

This weekend has been all about music. And dancing. Oooh, lots and lots of dancing. Not us, but little E has found every opportunity to dance, dance and then dance some more. Having a great music system at home is always a great investment, especially having high quality speakers. But if you're a professional musician, then nothing short of having a dbx driverack system will do of course. It's all about fine tuning the system that optimizes the sound. Loudspeaker management is essential to getting a great sound, and if you're performing live, it becomes even more essential. At a fair we'd gone to over the weekend, the loudspeakers were so bad, so loud and so irritating. Loud is not always better, you don't get to hear the subtle nuances of the music, and by having a loudspeaker management system, it can be taken care of. With features like Stereo feedback elimination with 12 notch filters, a 28-band RTA that tunes the system, classic dbx input compression and so on, its the best of its class, and the sound proves it. So, that's what it's all about. Play some great music and dance, dance, dance!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

a new week

Another week starts....another weekend gone by so fast. It was a fulfilling weekend though, we went out, E danced her heart out to some fabulous beat boxing at a local beach soccer event, and then danced even more to gangnam style. We had friends over for lunch and E really enjoyed herself with their son. I loved seeing them play together, just 9 months apart, and meeting only for the second time. It was a good weekend. A fulfilling one.

Our usual days revolve around the school routine, the meal times routine, the evening walk routine....and I try to make sure I get in something for myself somewhere in there too. Some days it's hard, some times it's impossible, but when I manage to carve out some time for myself, I feel better about the day.
 Morning tea this morning. I love how the sun streams into the house as winter approaches. The house is positioned perfectly to avoid the hot summer sun and welcome the warm winter sun.

Playing with play dough this afternoon after school. She loved rolling it and rolling it till it disappeared into the paper!