Tuesday, March 12, 2013

shopping boring shopping

The weekly shopping gets boring sometimes doesn't it! I find that I get stuck buying the same things again and again, walking the same aisles, never looking for something different or new. At home, I keep thinking I must try out something new, but once at the store, I just want to get the shopping done quickly and finish with it. It's just basic stuff, not like I'm busying something complicated like standoffs or something like that. Eggs, bread, milk, yogurt, apples and so on.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ski resorts

For anyone who likes to ski, this is going to be great site to known of Supertravel.co.uk has some incredible listings of ski resorts in Courchevel, France. Most people don't know that Courchevel is one of the premier resort towns, where the rich and famous go to enjoy their private time. Some of the Chalets Courchevel are simply beautiful and not to be missed for all ski enthusiasts. There are a lot of travel sites, but this looks to be one of the nicer ones, although they focus on luxury holidays.

a musical note

Walking around the neighborhood, I noticed that there are several new stores opening up. By far the most interesting of the lot is a new musical supply store that should be soon opening. I stopped by and met the owners of the shop a couple of days back and was really happy to know that they plan to get the community involved in enjoying and making music. Everything from renting instruments, hosting musical parties and so on. And they're going to have everything from top of the line stuff like best presonus mixers you can find to instruments for kids. Now the PreSonus range is not to be taken lightly, it's one of the most powerful yet flexible digital mixers on the market with its 16 XMAX microphone preamplifiers, option for FireWire recorning, DSP effets, 6 aux buses and a playback engine. It pretty much pushes the limit to bring you the best quality music. It's definitely an exciting time to live in this neighborhood!

a weekend of music

It was a busy weekend and I can't believe how quickly it went by. Time spent with friends and family is always time well spent I find, but this weekend we also managed to catch a concert by a local group, playing beautiful yet simple music with just guitars keeping them company. When it comes to musical instruments, there's nothing quite like a guitar to make a song more meaningful and memorable. It really makes me want to go and find lets say a fender stratocaster for sale so that I can try my hand at it as well. These are not just any guitars, but objects of beauty, and will fit both entry level aficionados and professionals alike for their ease of use.