Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's been ages hasn't it, since I posted an update, a photographic update of my daily life, of the little things that make my week, that made one day different from the next, when there really are all the same. Is that the same for you too? The sameness, the routine, the monotony? Or is it exciting that it's the same, the continuity of daily life. Do share.
 A mid morning walk, noticing how different the light is while my path is the same.

 A little bract of bougainvillea that E picked up and gave me. It's the sweetest thing, when she gives me things like this.

A batch of brownies.....baked after ages, and not baked since.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

country style

There's something about folk and country music that always tugs at my heart. I think it's because it's so basic, so true, so pure that it always feels more real. It's also to do with the simplicity of the instruments, the spareness of them, and their rustic sounds like the Banjo or the violin. When you see the banjos at musicians friend they're a lot more complex than your basic banjo seen at the barn dance variety, but that's because the sound is better too, deeper, truer and purer. It's important to have instruments that give authenticity to music and that's especially true when it comes to country music. Its the music of the earth, of people who live closest to it.