Monday, August 05, 2013

happy flowers

Something about the simplicity of flowers isn't there. I love how they liven up any space they are in...from bougainvillea to gulmohar!

technically sound

As one gets involved in music, one has to get involved and understand the technology that creates and amplifies it. Gone are the days where you could keep them separate and still manage. So even as complicated as something like classic krk rp5g2 5 at guitar center sounds, if you are into making music, then you must understand what it's all about. The KRK studio monitor for example gives you not only an amazing performance but also greater accuracy, working for both home and studio sound. How it works is that it's curved edges reduce diffraction to the point that it disappears and gives you a larger sweet spot. It also has a front firing bass port, soft domed tweeters and a composite woofer.