Sunday, December 01, 2013

and so it's December!

And just like that it's December already!

Some years drag on endlessly, but when you have kids, they race by. Sometimes leaving you in the dust. And confusion as well! With a newborn and a toddler who is perfecting the art of rebellion, it's certainly getting harder and harder to keep up. There is a saying that someone told me or I read on a blog somewhere in the early days when I had my elder child, which went like this, The days are endless but the years fly by. And boy oh boy, does it ring true for me.

A good friend (you know who you are!)told me she loves her two kids the most when they are fast asleep, and I too have hopped on that train of thought. I love them in the daytime, but adore them when they are asleep. Literally, gush over them, relish everything they did during the day, even the naughty things.

But in the meantime, while I digest the thought that in a month another year will go by, let me share some pretty moments caught by my camera in the past few months.

Wandering in the garden and noticing the new shoots of the guava tree. That's E in a pretty dress running around, btw. 

Arranging and rearranging little pots on the terrace! 

Nothing like a cup of coffee to perk you up mid-morning. And cake too! Of course, there has to be cake!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I won a beautiful painting thanks to Igor of Happy Interiors Blog

I won a beautiful piece of art! What a great way to start the week isn't it! Igor of Happy Interiors Blog hosted an art giveaway with Artfully Walls, and I won a beautiful work of art, just in time to be hung up in our new home! Just waiting for it to arrive!

Maybe this is a sign that I should get back to blogging more regularly!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

hello, do you remember me?

Ages, isn't it! Lots of good reasons to be away though. A new baby girl named Amaira being the most important of all! She's 2 months old already but I still haven't got enough of her newborn-ness, and she's outgrowing it all so fast, becoming chubby and smiling up at us so sweetly.

Also on the cards is moving to Delhi from Dubai, which we are currently doing, so yes, lots on our plate lately. I have missed blogging regularly, but didn't want to post stuff here just to fill space, only when I really wanted to. So here I am. Not making any promises of being regular though. Not yet, at least!

 Teeny tiny baby feet!

 The simplicity of Sada-bahaar blooms.

 Baking again! Yes, glad to be baking again. This was a Honey Yogurt bread with raisins.

Monday, August 05, 2013

happy flowers

Something about the simplicity of flowers isn't there. I love how they liven up any space they are in...from bougainvillea to gulmohar!

technically sound

As one gets involved in music, one has to get involved and understand the technology that creates and amplifies it. Gone are the days where you could keep them separate and still manage. So even as complicated as something like classic krk rp5g2 5 at guitar center sounds, if you are into making music, then you must understand what it's all about. The KRK studio monitor for example gives you not only an amazing performance but also greater accuracy, working for both home and studio sound. How it works is that it's curved edges reduce diffraction to the point that it disappears and gives you a larger sweet spot. It also has a front firing bass port, soft domed tweeters and a composite woofer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

where you cant lie about your age

Its getting all to common for minors to be caught in bars isn't it. Almost everyday one reads something or the other about it in the papers, so maybe its time for them to invest in id scanners for bars which will ensure that no one underage is sneaking in. It's something that will help them in the long run after all, instead of being fined and shut down.In the past week, I've seen two articles about this happening in my town so it has to be getting more common else where as well.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

time to go for vacation means shopping too!

So as the holidays are almost here, it's time to do that last minute shopping rush....why oh why don't I ever buy the stuff I want to take earlier! A lot of it is the mundane stuff, some presents, some yummy treats and so one really should get it done earlier, nothing exotic like garcia vega or anything like that! It's been a hectic week so far, trying to sort out all the left over bits that one kept putting off, and now it's almost time to go.

school holidays are almost here!

Well, here it is, end of June, coming up so fast! Its the end of the school year and it's the first time we are going in the rush of the school holidays, which is the way it will usually be from now on. E has technically completed one year of preschool! Only technically, since she started in Sept end, a few weeks after everyone else joined, and is finishing along with everyone else, but she's missed a few months in between of our two trips home! She loves going to school, and I love just how much she loves it. You never know what or how proud one can feel of a child till you have one. It's really the most amazing feeing possible. Really, it just is. Well, June, you could have taken your time to come around, so that she enjoyed a bit more of school, but it'll have to wait till the start of the next term!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

...back home.

Not been very regular here, have I? I've been out traveling for the past month and busy catching up since coming back home. I have enjoyed getting back to photography again, it really seemed like a lull in the last few months, felt bogged down by taking the same kind of shots again and again, so it was nice to see things in a new perspective.

Enjoying the nice weather at home....its lovely to walk around the lake, morning and evening.

Searching for ladybirds in the grass and collecting leaves!
Evening sunshine makes everything look so pretty.
Intriguing shadows inside as well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

shopping boring shopping

The weekly shopping gets boring sometimes doesn't it! I find that I get stuck buying the same things again and again, walking the same aisles, never looking for something different or new. At home, I keep thinking I must try out something new, but once at the store, I just want to get the shopping done quickly and finish with it. It's just basic stuff, not like I'm busying something complicated like standoffs or something like that. Eggs, bread, milk, yogurt, apples and so on.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ski resorts

For anyone who likes to ski, this is going to be great site to known of has some incredible listings of ski resorts in Courchevel, France. Most people don't know that Courchevel is one of the premier resort towns, where the rich and famous go to enjoy their private time. Some of the Chalets Courchevel are simply beautiful and not to be missed for all ski enthusiasts. There are a lot of travel sites, but this looks to be one of the nicer ones, although they focus on luxury holidays.

a musical note

Walking around the neighborhood, I noticed that there are several new stores opening up. By far the most interesting of the lot is a new musical supply store that should be soon opening. I stopped by and met the owners of the shop a couple of days back and was really happy to know that they plan to get the community involved in enjoying and making music. Everything from renting instruments, hosting musical parties and so on. And they're going to have everything from top of the line stuff like best presonus mixers you can find to instruments for kids. Now the PreSonus range is not to be taken lightly, it's one of the most powerful yet flexible digital mixers on the market with its 16 XMAX microphone preamplifiers, option for FireWire recorning, DSP effets, 6 aux buses and a playback engine. It pretty much pushes the limit to bring you the best quality music. It's definitely an exciting time to live in this neighborhood!

a weekend of music

It was a busy weekend and I can't believe how quickly it went by. Time spent with friends and family is always time well spent I find, but this weekend we also managed to catch a concert by a local group, playing beautiful yet simple music with just guitars keeping them company. When it comes to musical instruments, there's nothing quite like a guitar to make a song more meaningful and memorable. It really makes me want to go and find lets say a fender stratocaster for sale so that I can try my hand at it as well. These are not just any guitars, but objects of beauty, and will fit both entry level aficionados and professionals alike for their ease of use.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's been ages hasn't it, since I posted an update, a photographic update of my daily life, of the little things that make my week, that made one day different from the next, when there really are all the same. Is that the same for you too? The sameness, the routine, the monotony? Or is it exciting that it's the same, the continuity of daily life. Do share.
 A mid morning walk, noticing how different the light is while my path is the same.

 A little bract of bougainvillea that E picked up and gave me. It's the sweetest thing, when she gives me things like this.

A batch of brownies.....baked after ages, and not baked since.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

country style

There's something about folk and country music that always tugs at my heart. I think it's because it's so basic, so true, so pure that it always feels more real. It's also to do with the simplicity of the instruments, the spareness of them, and their rustic sounds like the Banjo or the violin. When you see the banjos at musicians friend they're a lot more complex than your basic banjo seen at the barn dance variety, but that's because the sound is better too, deeper, truer and purer. It's important to have instruments that give authenticity to music and that's especially true when it comes to country music. Its the music of the earth, of people who live closest to it.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New artwork to go with the new look!

Well, we finally got around to making some of the changes in the house that we had been wanting to do for ages. Absolutely ages. So there's a new look at home and it feels nice. We're still not done, but then no house ever is, unless you get it done by a decorator which doesn't usually give the feeling of home. To me, it's important to see ones home as an ever-changing process, so that it grows and changes as you do. When you have kids, it often the simplest of things that makes the difference, like having a bin to store all the toys, and even better if the bin is nicely disguised as regular furniture so it doesn't stand out!

Where I find that one can be a little freer is with art. I like to have art that's not the run of the mill traditional kind. Maybe something that could be even like children's art, or better still, some of your child's art as regular art, beautifully mounted and framed. It's what gives a home personality, the opposite of cookie-cutter homes. So I am thrilled to have poster printers at hand, where I can upload either my own photographs or scan something that my daughter made and have it enlarged to something like an 18x24 and shipped to me. Awesome! Really, I'm in love with this concept and how I can create whatever kind of posters and prints I want.

With a lot of poster printers there are odd terms and high shipping costs, but Shortrun Posters is a pretty straightforward company, which makes it great to work with them. Usually when I like something, I want to blog about it, but this time I'm tempted to Tweet this as well!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the power of a microphone!

The other day I tried to watch the movie Bridesmaids. Tried is the key word. I should have given up right there at the engagement party scene where they fight for the microphone back and forth, but I thought maybe it would get better. It didn't. Anyway, it got me to thinking about how people love to talk into microphones. Hand even a shy person a microphone and see how they open up, or bumble around, but talk they will, since it gives them a sense of importance and status. To be the one with the microphone! And these days, really you can get a microphone at musicians friend for as little as $29.99, seriously! How cool and tempting is that! To keep one for your parties and maybe host a little karaoke night or two for the office friends. Anyway, back to microphones, everyone feels they look cool holding one, so why not make them feel special especially when you're doing some celebrating.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

winter days

Back from vacation, but still not back to the routine. I usually bounce back fast and get into the swing of things, but this time it seems to be taking me more time. Maybe it's the early morning school rush that I've come to dread, or her fussiness for some reason or the other, one day it's sniffles, another day it coughing, and clinging all the time. It's tiring.
 Pigeons sunning themselves in the weak afternoon sun.

 Interesting tile detail under the window.

 A cup of coffee for me, to warm up in the bone chilling winter.