Monday, August 05, 2013

happy flowers

Something about the simplicity of flowers isn't there. I love how they liven up any space they are in...from bougainvillea to gulmohar!


MomWith aDot said...

Awesome pics. Shalini - Love how your lenses transfer the mundane to magnificent.

Rahul Mane said...

A gulmohar tree is an ornamental tree that is scientifically called Delonix regia

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Adorable Bad Guy said...

Flowers look happy. Beaming under your attention... How abt you?

I haven't seen a post in a long time. Is it e's growing up taking up all your time, a new addition to the family, or is there something more at play here.

Well, we go back a long way dear. Every time, I've come here, I've seen a slice of life. Smiling. And have admired your keen take on little yet beautiful facets of life. If there was a personal definition of classy, for me its you.

If its inertia or boredom, you should shrug it off.

Do get back to posting. Holding my breath :)

Shalini said...

ABG, hello, hello! Thanks so much for the sweet comment. Yes, busy with a new baby lately! Good guess! I really have been trying to get back to a daily routine like old times, especially with taking photos with the camera instead of the phone.

Your blog has a new look, but couldn't find where to comment.

Shalini said...

Mom with a Dot, thanks so much. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy photography and finding new things to shoot, or at least new angles to the same old bougainvillea and coffee shots!