Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Importance of POS for retailers

Retailers who have a good and reliable point of sale system have a definite advantage over others. A POS system that tracks inventory and sales is simply no match for old fashioned systems. Vison's retail pos system is a little different in the sense that not only does it provide end-to-end service for any retailer, but it is also environmentally friendly as its refurbished equipment is priced lower and is backed by quality support. The company has supplied POS systems to some of the major retailers such as Aeropostale and Regal.

As a retail analyst and someone who has worked in the field for several years, I know that you just cannot underestimate the importance of having a good point of sale system in place. There are a ton of point of sale systems available but Vision has been able to differentiate itself from the crowd and offer a distinct USP, which is likely to pay off well in the long run.

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