Monday, September 01, 2008

just a flower

A little photo break.

I took this shot a couple of months back, I think, but never got around to posting it since the light was just too yellow for my liking. So, I photographed it a few other times to get a better and more mellower feel. In the end, what worked best was just to decrease the saturation on Picasa and that's how I got this. Enjoy!

the flower and the crooked corner

thinking long term

Anyone working on a home renovation project understands the importance of spending more money on the kitchen and bathrooms of the house. These are the two areas that require the most investment, but are also the most used rooms in a house. So deciding on sinks and other items becomes a very serious aspect of the home renovation project. On the whole, I think it is better not to scrimp on getting a good sink, as one will really use is and it's really hard to do any changes later on. So, look carefully, plan well and enjoy the beauty and utility of it for years to come.

going away

Yay, its September already! Hard to believe how fast the year has gone by, isn't it? I'm super excited as we are going away for a while and all kinds of trips make me excited. Although our trip this time is not a complete vacation, we will get to travel to the hills for a short time, which hopefully we will extend, since that will definitely be the best part of the trip for me. Don't you just love the anticipation of a trip? I certainly do, and have to start winding down my work and getting together all the stuff to buy to take with me. I will probably not be blogging much for the next month too....Enjoy!

The long term solution

Ask any teenager or young adult about what their most stressful beauty problem is and the answer is usually, acne. Interestingly, there are a growing number of adult acne cases too, which is mostly because of the way we are living our lives today. There really is no simple solution, as even though the medications for acne are really quite good and strong, how it affe3cts your body and skin can be very different from person to person. A better approach is to make changes to your diet and lifestyle alongside using acne medications, as this will be a much more long lasting solution.