Thursday, November 24, 2011

a picnic in the park

How does one document the days that go racing by, the ones that you can barely keep up with. Sometimes they overwhelm me, but mostly I am grateful to at least remember them fondly once they are over. Isn't that how it usually happens? When you're in the moment, it's often too hot or too cold, or you're too exhausted or sleepy, but later on one savors that moment, forgetting the discomfort that one felt. Here's how I want to remember the past week.

A picnic in the park, finding a nice shady spot away from everyone else, figuring out which tree will have the shade the longest depending on which way the sun is traveling. Do you do that? I automatically do. Once in college, a friend and me went exploring Pillsbury Crossing and got confused about which way to go back, but I figured out the way home, just by seeing where the sun was! 
Miss E trying on my sunglasses. I love how fascinated kids are with the things we use, keys, phones, glasses, regular cutlery etc. She only eats scrambled eggs with a grown up fork and not her baby one! 
Picnic lunch of Quiche Lorraine and coleslaw. Simple and easy to transport. And some chocolate cookies too. And that's E's book of colors peeking in the corner.

Streaky sunset as we came out of a nearby grocery store. 
A quiet way to end the day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I love my Friday+Saturday weekends

At Safa Park on the weekend.

Over 4 and a half years ago, when we decided to move to Dubai, one of the first things I was concerned about was the different weekend days. It was so ingrained in me to have a weekend on Saturday and Sunday, that I felt that shifting to a Friday and Saturday weekend would be a struggle. I had never lived in country where Sunday was a working day. It just felt wrong and so hard. Surprisingly, it never was, despite having to go to the bank and do several other work-like errands on our first few Sundays.

Then I figured it out, that having the complete day off as the first day of the weekend is awesome. So, for us Friday is completely free of any kind of errands like bank work or paying bills, and Saturday is for catching up and preparing for the week ahead, doing the shopping, the bill paying etc.

The main difference is that our days are switched.......we have the free day first when we can really relax and the second day is for the catching up the stuff and preparing for the week. And now it's just seems so right. I think that's why I feel ready to go at the beginning of the week, since I'm really refreshed and best of all, the weekends come around so fast. Super fast really.

a prized possession

One of my most prized possessions is a little trophy that I won in school for a marathon run. It's something that I did not only because we were all required to take part in the marathon, but also because a few people inspired me to take it seriously, to push myself and to not give in. It helps that our school motto is Never Give In, so that was what we all inspired to do and be. I actually should have gotten a second trophy, but one year they only gave out certificates, which of course got lost along the way. But a trophy stays, doesn't it! And since I'm not really a sporty person anymore, I really do treasure my trophy all the more. Sometimes, I thing maybe I need to kit myself out with a few more sports trophies, just to inspire myself and remember those days.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

last week

Sometimes, isn't it easier to let things flow as they will instead on planning them. I've always been a big planner, in the sense that I like to have everything organized and prepared. If we have guests coming to stay for a week, I like to have lots of menu options planned, along with sightseeing and eating out options. Is that too much for you? Do you like to take things as they come? Sometimes I find that I need to do that too, just let things be and let them flow.

I tried my hand at making scones for the first time. I've been making other drop scone variety quite often, but had never tried these types before. They came out nice, but a bit dry, and I'll be brushing them with butter before baking to get a nicer color next time around.

We hung out at the beach. It was fun and lively. A bit too lively when I almost got my head sliced off by a frisbee. But apart from that heart-thumping moment, it was a lovely relaxed afternoon.

Chilling with a Frappuccino at Starbucks on the beach. Always love how one will always find people from 10 different countries at these cafes. Makes one realize what a multicultural city we live in.

A little dreaming while lazing on the grass near our home. E kept herself busy playing and I followed suit!

a delightful giveaway!

Yes, yes, one more giveaway notice! This is one thing that we can never have enough of right! This one is again hosted by Simple Blueprint along with Miss Yesterday, a lovely shop with lots to browse from. I found a really sweet fabric abc book that I'd love to have for E. I mean, it's simply adorable and elegant at the same time, something that doesn't happen too often. Go find your own favorites at Simple Blueprint.

Image: Miss Yesterday

Calender giveaway

Like I said it's raining giveaways, so here's some information on another one. Simple Blueprint, yes the same awesome blog that I posted about before, is hosting a giveaway with Rife Paper Co, for it's 2012 calenders. My favorite one is the fruit calender, which I thought would be perfect for my kitchen or dining areas. I love how whimsical it feels, and the drawings really are beautifully done. Go read up on the details on Simple Blueprint and enter as well, there is time as yet.

image: from Rifle Paper Co.

Such a cute giveaway!

Giveaway madness these days it seems. So many great giveaways, but may favorite ones are always the ones to do with art. Simple Blueprint is hosting a giveaway of Circle Prints, where you can find some really cute stuff. My selection was one that I'd like personalized, a pixelated heart with our initials. How awesome is that! Go see what it's all about at Simple Blueprint.

image: Circle Prints

Sunday, November 06, 2011

tea and cake

An old photo that found in my draft posts. I don't remember when I uploaded it, but I know whenever I'm in the blogging frame of mind, I try to write a few posts, some to post immediately, and some as drafts to post later, so that's what I must have done. Do you do that too?

nice weather makes you want to skip work doesn't it!

It certainly does for me! Luckily it's the long weekend here and we've been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, so much so that sometimes I think that it might even be nice to do a job that let me be outdoors, instead of being stuck inside, chained to the computer. But really, there aren't too many job options with my requirements of wanting a nice fun job to be outside in the nice weather and inside once it's gets too hot to be outside! Maybe something like a Medical Records Technician Jobs would be better....a solid, simple and clear cut job! But really, would you and could you happily do a job that you didn't really love? Now, that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should  just drag my desk and chair by the window!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

how about some free art

I love to look online for fun art for my daughter's room and in fact that was the most fun part of doing up her room, although in the end I've mostly used stuff that I've made. Well, it still doesn't stop me from looking online for new art though! And what better way to get some new art than to win it in a giveaway! That's exactly what's happening at Simple Blueprint, a great new blog I discovered today. Take a look at the Mini Empire giveaway on Simple Blueprint, that they are having and enter yourself as well!