Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I love my Friday+Saturday weekends

At Safa Park on the weekend.

Over 4 and a half years ago, when we decided to move to Dubai, one of the first things I was concerned about was the different weekend days. It was so ingrained in me to have a weekend on Saturday and Sunday, that I felt that shifting to a Friday and Saturday weekend would be a struggle. I had never lived in country where Sunday was a working day. It just felt wrong and so hard. Surprisingly, it never was, despite having to go to the bank and do several other work-like errands on our first few Sundays.

Then I figured it out, that having the complete day off as the first day of the weekend is awesome. So, for us Friday is completely free of any kind of errands like bank work or paying bills, and Saturday is for catching up and preparing for the week ahead, doing the shopping, the bill paying etc.

The main difference is that our days are switched.......we have the free day first when we can really relax and the second day is for the catching up the stuff and preparing for the week. And now it's just seems so right. I think that's why I feel ready to go at the beginning of the week, since I'm really refreshed and best of all, the weekends come around so fast. Super fast really.


Bhargavi said...

This was a true blast from the past..Thanks for sharing that pic! Its been 6 plus years since I visited the Safa park. Initially I found it difficult to adjust to a Friday off (when the rest of the world was still moaning about weekend not appearing on the horizon).. after a while it just didn't make any difference

Shalini said...

Glad you enjoyed reading it Bhargavi! Safa Park was really overcrowded that day...every shady patch was occupied!

Purvi said...

I came here about 6 months back and so far I am very happy that 2 days a week are off coz in mumbai my husband had to work for half day on saturday as well and in mumbai traffic half day is as bad as a full day :)

so it did not matter to me that sunday was a working day, except when talking back home coz sometimes one tends to forget that Sundays are like mondays in UAE :)

Shalini said...

Purvi, Yes, so true, one also forgets that Sunday is not a working day elsewhere!