Sunday, November 14, 2010

photo: fog in the morning

fog in the morning

A few weeks ago, we woke up to fog enveloping us. We couldn't see the ground, we couldn't see the next building and we couldn't see the sun of course. Up on the 16th floor, it almost felt a bit cozy, as if we were wrapped in a large comfy white blanket :-))

I'm going to be away for a while, on vacation and without my laptop for a change. So no posts, no updates and no photos for a while. I should be back online in a month or so, till then, keep smiling!

I'm at, where are you?

I've never been a video recorder kind of person. In fact, I hated them so much, I even convinced my parents not to hire a video recording chap at my wedding. No one watches video recordings of weddings anyway, right? Now, I've had to change my tune a little bit, thanks to little E, who is now doing something interesting everyday and I want to be able to capture it. And if I'm in some of the video too, then that's ok. It's all ok, thanks to my little one! So, I went over to to see if they had any good offers and I found that the weekly deals is a treasure trove of amazing deals, with everything from the coolest and smallest camcorders to digital photo frames and e-readers. Before I buy, I want to try out a couple of them in the store to see how it feels and then I'm going to find the one with the best price and order!

Could you survive without money or resources in a new city?

Hey, don't we all dream of working as spies at some point of growing up or another? I certainly did and still love to watch all kinds of spy movies and TV shows. The one that has been really catching my attention lately is Burn Notice with the dreamy Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan as a CIA agent. To be a spy and to be a successful spy is not an easy task, but I think Jeffrey Donovan is perfect for the role. Spies always need to have their wits about them and to be able to bounce back from any situation. I wonder if I were to get stuck in a city without money or resources, if I could manage? I think I would manage to survive but nowhere near as well as Michael Weston would, of course.

all the wrong books

All the bookstores here have been having huge sales with rock bottom prices and I've wandered through the tables and shelves several times to find something interesting to add to my ever growing collection of books. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything that I really wanted, or even something that I'd never heard of before but fell in love with the book cover, and instead all I've seen are book after book on losing weight and how to keep the weight off and about crash diet that works and I'm wondering is that a sign that the heavens are trying to tell me. No way, it doesn't work like that I know, but then in a store full of books, why do I keep just seeing these? I'm getting paranoid aren't I? I feel it. I need a break. That's it.

a medical spa trend

When was the last time you got a full medical check done? This year, last year or earlier than that? I got a brochure of a medical facility that was advertising it's plans for health checks and I was surprised to see several add ons such a spa treatments and many optional items such as checks for colon etc, including a spa treatment with things like a colon cleanse to really improve the way your body handles waste. I do know that many people use it as a way to lose weight but I wonder how effective it really would be or how long term. The trend of making medical checks more glamorous and therefore combining them with spas is getting rather popular.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

repost: What's in a name?

When I read the "nomenclature" post on Shilpa's blog a few weeks back, I was reminded of a post on apartment names in Bombay that I wrote ages ago. I dug it up and am reposting it here.

----the original post-----

When we moved to Bombay, we found it quite odd how everyone wants to know not only the locality you live in, but also the name of the apartment complex. Its something that we've not seen anywhere else, not in Kansas City, not it Providence, not in Bangalore and not in Delhi either. Housing complex/society names are a big deal here. Most names are cringe-worthy and corny as hell.

There seems to a definite tilt towards girls names I've noticed...with names like Akanksha, Pratibha, Shirin (manzil, mansion, apts), Suman, Manju...

Then there's the guys names like Vinit, Abhinav, Gautam, Sudesh...

Then come the double name ones like Ashish Manish, Jeevan Anand, Mahavir Vaibhav, Om Rajan...

There have to be the religious ones too like Sai Kripa, Sai Trishul, Guru Krupa...

There are ones named after other places like Patliputra, Nalanda, Allahabad, Takshila...

There are the ones with a 'View' like Garden View, Ocean View, Park View, Sea View...

Not to forget the ones tagged onto 'Sea' like Sea Legend, Sea Wood, Sea Green, Sea Glimpse (there have to be some really gullible people living here), Sea Lord...

There also plenty with nature inspired names like Primrose, Orchid, Garden Rose...

There are the over the top grand names like Royal Accord, Gold Coin (where we saw and almost rented an apt), Kamal Diamond...

And of course the ones taken from foreign lands like Highland Park (in Lokhandwala, from where I used to catch the A2 when the main market road was being constructed), Green Park (Delhi has a Green Park, and well, its almost like a foreign country to Mumbaikars), Sheffield Towers, Sunny Side (like the cottage in Kasauli that Henry Lawrence built), Woodstock, Oak Land Park (inspired by Oakland, CA, maybe?), Beverly Park...

There are the off the wall names like Magic Carpet, Good Gift, Ben Hur (why, why?)...

Only in Bombay. Definitely only in Bombay.

adapting with the times

Have you noticed a change in the kind of products and services that are being offered in the past year? With the changed economic situation, people have an altered and mostly reduced purchasing power, so many retailers have tapped into the situation. Instead of buying larger quantities, consumers are buying only what they need and shopping more often instead. Gone are the days when consumers stocked up for a month at a time. In my local grocery store, the offering of ready to eat food has increased substantially, simply because it's one of the cheapest and quickest places to get good, healthy food. In the newspapers and online, I see a host of business debt consolidation companies to help small and medium enterprises that are facing a losing battle. Keeping up with the times is the best way to handle such situations, and these savvy businessmen deserve some kudos.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

photo: tea and raisin bread

Nothing like a cup of tea to relax in the late afternoon, isn't it! I don't always get to have a relaxed cup of tea, and often when I do get a chance, I'm busy clicking some quick pics and by the time I get done, little E decides to wake up or cry for me. But taking those quick pics is still worth it!

the good and bad of changes

As with all moves, one undergoes a sense of upheaval and renewal at the same time. I find that I want to get rid of all my stuff, all the furniture, all the books (yes, all the books too), all the cd's and movies, all the decorative stuff and just start with a complete blank slate. When one stays in the same place for a while, one accumulates so much stuff and one can only account for it when one moves, and with this move, since I wasn't able to edit before we shifted, I find that I need to do that now and only then will I feel settled.

It's almost like I just want to have some simple mattresses or a divan arrangement on the floor or close to it and keep things as simple as that. We've always wanted to have a music room and having something simple like that, would create the right mood. Plus, we have great views from our windows, so then we could focus on that, instead of putting sofa's and tables in front of the windows.

I know it's probably a stage I'm going through, god knows, I don't like sitting so low on a daily basis...I already have a knee problem....but I'm craving a completely different look this time, so it's time to change things around. First to go is the sofa set and then the other furniture.

old is gold, really!

Gold is what the festival season is all about, right! This year, it seems a bit different though, the jewelery stores are not as full as they should be and the level of excitement seems a bit less due to the high price of gold. It would be nice to give a nice solid gift such as gold bullion but this is not the right year for that unless you're up for a splurge, but a gold coin is a great shagun to give or get during this time of the year. I have some nice old, old coins which I have been gifted over the years and they are treasured possessions.