Saturday, June 22, 2013

time to go for vacation means shopping too!

So as the holidays are almost here, it's time to do that last minute shopping rush....why oh why don't I ever buy the stuff I want to take earlier! A lot of it is the mundane stuff, some presents, some yummy treats and so one really should get it done earlier, nothing exotic like garcia vega or anything like that! It's been a hectic week so far, trying to sort out all the left over bits that one kept putting off, and now it's almost time to go.

school holidays are almost here!

Well, here it is, end of June, coming up so fast! Its the end of the school year and it's the first time we are going in the rush of the school holidays, which is the way it will usually be from now on. E has technically completed one year of preschool! Only technically, since she started in Sept end, a few weeks after everyone else joined, and is finishing along with everyone else, but she's missed a few months in between of our two trips home! She loves going to school, and I love just how much she loves it. You never know what or how proud one can feel of a child till you have one. It's really the most amazing feeing possible. Really, it just is. Well, June, you could have taken your time to come around, so that she enjoyed a bit more of school, but it'll have to wait till the start of the next term!!