Thursday, January 19, 2012

on a vacation

So here it is, the day that I've been looking forward to, the day that I've been willing to come faster. Tomorrow we're leaving on vacation! Yay! Double Yay! It's been long overdue and I'm really dying for a break, to hand over responsibilities to others and just do nothing at all. Well, not really nothing, since we'll be traveling to several different places, for a beach vacation, for a vacation to the hills, for a vacation by the lake....yes, really, three different spots. And then there will be all the usual socializing and meeting relatives and friends. Fun but draining. I just hope I will get some time to just sit and not have anything on the agenda for a while. And of course it will mostly be an internet free break. See you in March. And in the meantime here are some photos that I took recently.

Having fun with my daughters letters! 

Before sunrise this morning. I love the blue haze that I caught here. 

Some last minute baking...dark chocolate chunk brownies with walnuts and marshmallows.

Achapams or Rose Cookies with a cup of tea one lazy weekend. We had some guests from Bangalore last week and I couldn't resist asking them to bring some of these for me. Reminds me of the time we lived there. Fond memories.
Lychees in the how we get fruit from all over the world. It's really fun seeing the labels in the strore, to see fruits and veggies from Peru, Chile, Thailand, Australia, India, Lebanon, Syria and so on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Around the house

Scenes from around the house. Simple things that make me smile, sweet treats to eat, new and old corners to explore and soft light to enjoy as it wanders across the rooms.

A little plant growing in water in the window. Took this early one morning, just after sunrise. Yes, I've been seeing the sunrise almost every day. And there's good and bad in that!

Soft evening light in the living room. Interestingly, this is not direct light, but it is actually reflected off the glass facade of a nearby building :-))

Playing with the camera.....a pretty border and packets of stuff beyond. Isn't it maddening how each year, we seem to accumulate more stuff...and not just the pretty-things-to-display stuff, but the boring-paperwork stuff.

A favorite little corner, where I spend my quiet time, my me-time with some green tea and a cherry surprise from the local bakery. Do you have such a spot too?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

a new year

Hello to a new year and new possibilities. We celebrated the new year in our usual relaxed way. Yes, we're done with the whole party-party-party phase for now, and quite relieved about it too. A nice day, some nice meals, a few fun rituals and that's pretty much it. We celebrated Christmas a few days early, since it's not a holiday here, with a family lunch, which is always an enjoyable way to spend it, isn't it!

Leftover chocolate pie from our Christmas lunch. Can you tell I'm having fun with E's letters! 

E's Christmas present and a few holiday cards in the window. We woke up on Christmas morning to find ourselves enveloped in thick fog, so we really did have a white Christmas, even here in the desert! The tag is from Eat Drink Chic!

Out and about in the neighborhood. Love how the skies have cleared up to this gorgeous blue. The tall building on the left is about 78 floors and the brown one is 43 or 44 floors. 

A little tea time in the afternoon. Green tea soothes me, but not sure if it's the tea that does the soothing or simply the routine of drinking green tea. Whichever it is, I love it. It revives me. Each and every day. 

Saving the best for last: Our little girl, growing up so fast, so eager to learn new things, to test her skills, always absorbing, and always so loving, kissing us whenever she has a chance!