Thursday, January 05, 2012

a new year

Hello to a new year and new possibilities. We celebrated the new year in our usual relaxed way. Yes, we're done with the whole party-party-party phase for now, and quite relieved about it too. A nice day, some nice meals, a few fun rituals and that's pretty much it. We celebrated Christmas a few days early, since it's not a holiday here, with a family lunch, which is always an enjoyable way to spend it, isn't it!

Leftover chocolate pie from our Christmas lunch. Can you tell I'm having fun with E's letters! 

E's Christmas present and a few holiday cards in the window. We woke up on Christmas morning to find ourselves enveloped in thick fog, so we really did have a white Christmas, even here in the desert! The tag is from Eat Drink Chic!

Out and about in the neighborhood. Love how the skies have cleared up to this gorgeous blue. The tall building on the left is about 78 floors and the brown one is 43 or 44 floors. 

A little tea time in the afternoon. Green tea soothes me, but not sure if it's the tea that does the soothing or simply the routine of drinking green tea. Whichever it is, I love it. It revives me. Each and every day. 

Saving the best for last: Our little girl, growing up so fast, so eager to learn new things, to test her skills, always absorbing, and always so loving, kissing us whenever she has a chance!


Franka said...

Wish you a happy new year!

Very nice to read about your *desert*Xmas!

♥ Franka

Purvi said...

At this new year's party I realized that I am over this whole party and clubbing thing and I still do not have any kids :) :)
You click lovely pictures shalini.... and for a moment I thought that brown building is the one just adjacent to the building I live in, but then I realized that I do not recognize the other one :) :)

Have a great 2012 :)

Shalini said...

Thank you Franka! Lol on our desert Christmas, it was a nice twist, I thought :-)

Purvi, it's just a phase, isn't it. When one's in it, one loves it and then it's suddenly over.

It's always fun to be guessing where the pics are in local blogs isn't it! The tall one is Almas Tower.

Amithigirl said...

Nice to see how the holidays are celebrated elsewhere:):) Love your photos of daily life. Happy New Year!

Shikha said...

Lovely pics..wishing u a very happy new year !

wishful nals said...

i love tea, too! beautiful photos - happy new year! :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

What a lovely way to enjoy the holidays. Missed you all at the wedding. Have a great year!

Sudha said...

happy new year. lovely with ur little one is precious

Shalini said...

Amithigirl, thank you. And a happy new year to you too :-)

Thank you Shikha!

wishful nals, thank you :-)

Anu, it was our loss....we had really been looking forward to it. The photos are simply fab. She is simply gorgeous and he so handsome.

Sudha, thanks so much. Yes, all the shots of my little one are so precious!

Val said...

Happy New Year, Shalini! I love the photos - and the pie looks like it was lovely! :)

Purvi said...

Hey Shalini

I have given you an award, check out my latest post for details :)

Shalini said...

Val, thanks so was yummy!

Purvi, Ooh, thanks!

shilpa said...

the gift tag is so pretty. beautiful pictures of the good times. mash allah! mash allah!

Prachee said...

you are on my favorite versatile bloggers list, do check :)