Wednesday, April 20, 2011

away for a while

I'm off on a break. A break from blogging, from flickring, from the usual mail checking routine. Maybe I'll be doing things like this, which I had time for last spring and summer. I just want to be quiet for a while, to reconnect in ways other than the electronic, to change my daily routine for a while, to refresh my mind and my body.

bringing old photos back to life

Some time back, on Kamini's blog Saffron and Silk, I read about Val who adds color to old black and white photos and I was completely intrigued. The before and after shots were quite astounding in terms of details and selection of colors, since Val goes into details of what natural dyes were available at the time and so on. I looked up Val's website and details of her photo coloring work and immediately starting thinking of which photographs I could ask her to add color to.

Here's a photo of my grandparents....

and here is the colored version....

A photo of my great-grandfather....

and the colored version....

and here's my husband as a baby....

and here's the colored version...

I'm really happy with the results, and the time that Val took to do these photos. Thank you so much Val. You're a gem.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

running out of stock, dubai style!

Living in Dubai one often has some very interesting experiences. One of the recurring ones is that when something runs out of stock in one store, it's out of stock in the whole city. When I had to buy vanilla essence some time back, it was out of stock at the store where I do my groceries. So a few days later, I went to another store, and it was out there too, and at several other stores as well. And the weirdest thing is that they never say it's out of stock, the space for it on the shelf, just disappears, filled up with other items, so one is never sure, "is this where they keep it, or am I in the wrong aisle?". So when I finally spotted the vanilla back in stock a couple of weeks later, I bought 4 bottles! The same has happened to me for several other items as well!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I won!

I won! Yippeee!

I entered a giveaway on Kamini's blog Saffron and Silk for some lovely ethnic earrings created by Aparna of Nine by Thirty, never expecting to win, but that's what happened!

So thrilled, so excited and looking forward to wearing them with my lovely Indian clothes when I am back home next week.

Thank you Kamini!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

getting a retail edge

With my retail background, I am often asked why smaller retailers are so hesitant in setting up a modern retail system complete with pos software that tracks all transactions. In my neighborhood itself, there are some small stores where I have spoken to the owners and tried to convince them of the advantages of using this technology, but still the hesitation remains. Why? It's mostly because it's just the way they have run their stores and it's as simple as that.

The turning point is usually when they see the actual system demonstration and understand just how simple it actually is. Simple POS software systems such as CounterPoint, Microsoft RMS, Retail Pro have everything from barcode software, inventory control, sales and commission tracking, purchasing orders and customer loyalty data and much more, which essentially take care of everything that needs to be done in a store. Well, apart from actually stocking the shelves, but I doubt if you're going to find a POS software that does that too!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

more from the desk series

Some photos from last July that I'd forgotten about. This was when I was at home at my parents place after my daughter was born and had lots of help and free time. Well, not all that much free time, but as compared to now, it was tons of free time.

Each week I would rearrange my desk in a different way, my Desk Series. Although, I had started it and only planned on doing it for the time before my daughter was born, I usually managed to find time to do it later as well :-) Ah, the perks of going home-home to have a baby!

These were flowers from the garden, right outside my window actually, and I had been seeing them for several weeks before I decided that I need to have some on my desk too.

Do you like to rearrange your desk too?