Tuesday, April 19, 2011

running out of stock, dubai style!

Living in Dubai one often has some very interesting experiences. One of the recurring ones is that when something runs out of stock in one store, it's out of stock in the whole city. When I had to buy vanilla essence some time back, it was out of stock at the store where I do my groceries. So a few days later, I went to another store, and it was out there too, and at several other stores as well. And the weirdest thing is that they never say it's out of stock, the space for it on the shelf, just disappears, filled up with other items, so one is never sure, "is this where they keep it, or am I in the wrong aisle?". So when I finally spotted the vanilla back in stock a couple of weeks later, I bought 4 bottles! The same has happened to me for several other items as well!


Kala said...

Ha, ha, Shalini, reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii. There were days when I went to the grocery store and they were out of milk:) What??? Are we still in the U.S.?? Since they had to get a lot of their food from the mainland, the usual excuse was the "ship hasn't come in". Talk about one's ship not coming in:):)

Sarah Walton - The Hedonista said...

and now the city's run out of petrol. I must have been mistaken when I thought this was an oil-rich nation....?

(true - all Emarat stations are dry!)

Shalini said...

Kala, lol! And that really makes the phrase ring true! A school friend of mine lived in the tiny island of Nauru and the day the ship came in with supplies, was always a holiday, no one even went to school or work!

Sarah, yes, I read about the Emarat stations running dry in the paper today! What a weird contradiction Dubai is turning out to be!