Thursday, January 31, 2013

New artwork to go with the new look!

Well, we finally got around to making some of the changes in the house that we had been wanting to do for ages. Absolutely ages. So there's a new look at home and it feels nice. We're still not done, but then no house ever is, unless you get it done by a decorator which doesn't usually give the feeling of home. To me, it's important to see ones home as an ever-changing process, so that it grows and changes as you do. When you have kids, it often the simplest of things that makes the difference, like having a bin to store all the toys, and even better if the bin is nicely disguised as regular furniture so it doesn't stand out!

Where I find that one can be a little freer is with art. I like to have art that's not the run of the mill traditional kind. Maybe something that could be even like children's art, or better still, some of your child's art as regular art, beautifully mounted and framed. It's what gives a home personality, the opposite of cookie-cutter homes. So I am thrilled to have poster printers at hand, where I can upload either my own photographs or scan something that my daughter made and have it enlarged to something like an 18x24 and shipped to me. Awesome! Really, I'm in love with this concept and how I can create whatever kind of posters and prints I want.

With a lot of poster printers there are odd terms and high shipping costs, but Shortrun Posters is a pretty straightforward company, which makes it great to work with them. Usually when I like something, I want to blog about it, but this time I'm tempted to Tweet this as well!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the power of a microphone!

The other day I tried to watch the movie Bridesmaids. Tried is the key word. I should have given up right there at the engagement party scene where they fight for the microphone back and forth, but I thought maybe it would get better. It didn't. Anyway, it got me to thinking about how people love to talk into microphones. Hand even a shy person a microphone and see how they open up, or bumble around, but talk they will, since it gives them a sense of importance and status. To be the one with the microphone! And these days, really you can get a microphone at musicians friend for as little as $29.99, seriously! How cool and tempting is that! To keep one for your parties and maybe host a little karaoke night or two for the office friends. Anyway, back to microphones, everyone feels they look cool holding one, so why not make them feel special especially when you're doing some celebrating.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

winter days

Back from vacation, but still not back to the routine. I usually bounce back fast and get into the swing of things, but this time it seems to be taking me more time. Maybe it's the early morning school rush that I've come to dread, or her fussiness for some reason or the other, one day it's sniffles, another day it coughing, and clinging all the time. It's tiring.
 Pigeons sunning themselves in the weak afternoon sun.

 Interesting tile detail under the window.

 A cup of coffee for me, to warm up in the bone chilling winter.