Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Funny for the day!

Came across a nice cartoon on bLaugh. I've not been checking them too often, and while they are not publishing on a daily basis either, they do have tons of really cool cartoon in their archives. it's just a question of browsing through to find the good ones, and if you're interested enough then you are sure to find some gems.

Here's a good one!

Veni Vidi Wiki

life's intricacies

While our trip is not completely over as yet, I'm not quite ready to head back to daily life and handling everything myself from getting new faucets installed to getting hold of a carpenter to do some work around the house. No matter how much work you do around the house, it never quite ends it seems, and there is always something extra that can be done, whether by choice or by need. We are still at the stage of needing stuff to be fixed around the house, since we've not been here too long and since there is no maintainance facilities we have to handle it by ourselves. I think it's time to start planning the next trip.

From our trip

Since I recently got back from a trip to the hills, which we took instead of camping, I could not resist posting a picture from our recent visit. Unfortunately, the sky was rather hazy since it has not rained for quite some time and the hillsides are completely dry and brown, but even then the beauty of the hills cannot be dimmed. I ended up with some really nice shots, and this one is one of my favorite ones from the trip.

where the hills end and the sky begins...

Camping memories

Well, I didn't get to go for my long awaited camping trip on this trip home, but I'm hoping to still do it some time in the future and am getting set with my camping gear and all the other accompaniments that will be required for such a trip. It has been quite a number of years since I last went on a camping trip and it will not be completely easy, but it will definitely worthwhile despite the hardship. There is something about camping that if one starts it early enough in life, then it becomes part of the system and one doesn't think too much about how tough it is, but in fact how rewarding it is. We've been going on hikes and camps since we were 9 years old and simply love the thought of going out into nature and fending for oneself, albeit with a cook and guide! Everyone has their own comfort levels and that is what one has to stick to when it comes to camping.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

green view

A picture that I took last month at home. I love having money plants around the house and hope that some of them will still be surviving by the time I get home. If not, I have this wonderful picture of them, till I get some more again. There is something so simple yet so wonderful about these plants, they are so undemanding, yet so giving. I just love them.

view from above

Changing times

What I've noticed on this trip home is that even though this is a smaller town, people are not immune to problems of people in the larger cities and drug rehab centers are becoming available to a larger section of society now. This wasn't the case a few years back, when things were still a bit conservative and topics like this more taboo. Not so any more, which is a real welcome change actually. With the younger generation becoming more wordly wise, the problems and hassles of the world are also falling upon them and have to be tackled sensibly right from the start.

...moving on...

Well, the vacation is almost over now and while I'm quite dreading going back to doing all the work again, I am looking forward to just being in our own home again. It's always nice to be back to one's own routine and stuff after being away for so long. Don't know when we will be visiting again, but I need to create more of a routine, so we don't have to come here for small things anymore, since it's hard to be focused on creating our own lives if we have to do this again and again. Maybe it's just a bad day that I'm thinking like this, or maybe I'm growing up a bit more....time will tell.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get help in creating the right look for your home

I'm surprised at just how much things have changed here, everyone seems to be upgrading everything, themselves, their cars and their houses. So, furniture stores are in big demand and everyone seems to be vying for the latest designs of living and bedroom furniture, regardless of how they will look or fit in your home. A lot of stores are even offering services of personal shoppers or designers, who will help you create the right look for a home. I'm not into having a designer dictate to me, but it would be nice to get some help when it comes to technical stuff. Do hope more stores will start to offer such services.

My biggest stress relief: going to the hills!

Back from a short trip to the hills...where we did lots and lots of walking. There wasn't too much time to sit back and relax, but we did get a bit of time to do that as well. Life is just so different the moment you step out of the car in the hills, things look different, the mind gets refreshed just from the thought of being in the hills and everything looks simpler and brighter. Maybe its all a mindset, and everything remains the same, but it's all the way one reacts to it in the end. For all round relaxation, I love going to the hills even more than the beach....sound of the wind in the pines beats the sound of the surf.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knowing where you're going!

When one travels in remote areas, I feel it's really very important to have a GPS on hand, so that you can see the exact height and distance travelled. I love to travel in the hills and the more remote the better they are. We're really not fond of going to places full of tourists and so it is important to have one's basic guidance systems with us. Having a GPS on hand is one of the first essential items of a trip to the mountains and its makes traveling to these areas much more interesting. In fact, each of the trips has photographs taken just of the GPS, showing the height and distance covered, a good way to remember at a later time.

History watching

We finally saw Joddha Akbar last evening. It was a wonderful movie, extremely well made, with lots of attention paid to the costumes, architecture, make up and all the other details. The movie has been in a lot of controversies with people protesting the authenticity of its story and so on, but the director has already said exactly that in the begining of the film, that there are lots of different versions of the story and this is only one of them. The movie was quite long at 3hr 40min, but one really didn't realize the time going by and it ended rather quickly and unexpectedly. All in all a good movie to see, one that can be seen again.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Getting coverage

Since the time we started thinking seriously about our finances, we've been planning to go in for some home insurance plans. There are lots of different ones available and that is the most confusing part of it all, to decipher how they are different from one another and exactly what they cover. I think the best way to deal with it is to take the advice from a professional agent who will be able to guide us in making the right selection. Again the trick here is to select the right person for the job, so you do't get stuck with someone who is not listening to your needs and is just being too pushy. Let's hope for the best.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Luminous leaves

I took this photo a couple of weeks back at one of our favorite eating places, Aroos Damascus restaurant in Dubai. It's not a fancy-shmancy place at all, but has some pretty incredible food on offer. We simply love its Lebanese food and just can't get enough of it. We usually like to sit outside, but it was a rather breezy day and we decided to sit by the window inside. These plants were right next to us and I just couldn't resist capturing them with my camera. I loved the luminosity of the leaves against the blue sky.

glowing leaves...

Internet:purveyor of information!

What is really very interesting about the Internet, is that it makes everything possible and accessible. How else would you find out about a colon cleanser or alternative medicines etc all on one platform? There are lots of sites for medical stuff and these sites seem to only be increasing in popularity, since this is one area that online users are showing greater interest in. Almost everyone seems to go online as soon as they get back from the doctor, to double check what the doctor said and to read about it themselves firsthand.

Time for pampering

Well, I am thoroughly enjoying being home for a while, without any major agenda, so quite free to just relax and do as I please. Usually, each time I come home, I have a wedding to attend or am just passing through or some such thing, but this time, I have just some nice relaxation ahead of me, and I'm thrilled with the prospect. It would be great to take a short trip somewhere, to the hills or elsewhere, and hopefully we will manage doing that, but otherwise the focus is on relaxation and pampering.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Using technology in constructing buildings

There has been quite a trend towards using new and innovative methods in architecture these days, such as fiberglass columns which are quite easy to install and maintain and look very real. More and more people are going in for such items, and with the kind of technology that has progressed, builders and architects are able to take advantage of such options. I'm all for using advancements in technology to improve the way one lives and this field is one where there has been significant developments, to the point that the entire manner of construction has changed.