Wednesday, March 12, 2008

History watching

We finally saw Joddha Akbar last evening. It was a wonderful movie, extremely well made, with lots of attention paid to the costumes, architecture, make up and all the other details. The movie has been in a lot of controversies with people protesting the authenticity of its story and so on, but the director has already said exactly that in the begining of the film, that there are lots of different versions of the story and this is only one of them. The movie was quite long at 3hr 40min, but one really didn't realize the time going by and it ended rather quickly and unexpectedly. All in all a good movie to see, one that can be seen again.


Chandan said...

Hi, As much as I liked the movie for its visuals, art and set design, I was appalled to discover that in 3 hrs and 40 mins, the director did not find the time to etch out a story. The script, unlikely for a A Gowarikar film, was completely lacking - or so I thought..

Shalini said...

Before seeing the movie, I was dreading the length, but once I started seeing the movie, didn't even realize the length. I thought that the director did a pretty good job, considering just how many conflicting stories and histories there are about this period of history.