Sunday, March 27, 2011

photo: at the aquarium

I was looking through some old picture folders on my computer and found these of when the aquarium at the Dubai Mall had just opened. Back then one could go right up to the glass and see the fish up close, but now they have roped the area off further back. The best place to get close to the glass now, which is also the best view for feedings is the 1st floor area next to H&M.

More information here at the Dubai Mall site.

what she reaches for

I love how fascinated my baby is with my phone. I know that all babies love the things we use all the time, phones, remotes etc, but it's such a fascinating thing to watch her eyes light up when one of these coveted items is within reach. My phone has her photo on it, and has three crystal buttons that she loves to press to light up the screen. It's a good phone for her to play with and keeps her amused for a while, and at least I'm not worried that it's too pricey or new or fancy like the htc desire 2.2 that I have to be extra careful about. All kids and babies love to play with the things we use and the things that we say no to, so to a certain extent I let her play with them so that she doesn't want them just because I am saying no. One of her favorite things to reach for has been the newspaper, she tries to grab it whenever she sees us reading them and loves to "read" it.

my way to exercise

Ok, so I'll say it out loud. Exercising has never been my forte. Well, that's not the full truth either. I don't like exercising. Now, I've said it. See, the thing is that if I know it's exercise, then it's no fun for me, so I always have to make it fun and interesting, basically disguise it into something else, such as make a morning walk into a photography walk to give me the incentive to get up bright and early. I'd rather exercise a bit less, but a lot of people would rather just use something like OxyElite Pro that might be an easier and faster way. To me it's just not as interesting as my way!

Umm, does my face need to be resurfaced? No thanks!

In the supermarket on a grocery run, I thought I'd quickly pick up some moisturizer and body lotion, but I never thought I'd end up walking away dazed and confused. There was every type of lotion and potion promising anti-aging miracles, anti-oxidants and even one night cream that called itself a "resurfacing" agent. Hey, wait, since when did my face become a road that needs resurfacing? It's a struggle these days to find the simpler things I think, the more complex you want things to be, the better the chance that you'll be successful. So, if you're looking for something simple such as a natural acne remedy or a simple bottle of old fashioned lotion, then the supermarket might not be the right place for you, and instead head to an old fashioned mom and pop store that keeps just the basics and not the stuff that you would want to resurface your face with.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wandering the Bastakiya quarter

Some more photos from Bastakiya in Dubai. The textures here are really amazing, with the winter light making them stand out even more. I've always liked photographing doors and windows, but here they take on a much much more interesting feel.

                Looking into the doorway of one of the art galleries.

              Outside the coin museum. There are several small museums here, all have free entry and a lovely intimate atmosphere.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

finding the perfect gifts for babies

Even before I had my baby, I found that there are just so many sites that cater to specialized gifts for babies and expectant parents. It almost became confusing as to which had the best to offer and where I would find the kind of things that I wanted for my baby. I received many gifts when my daughter was born and several were vouchers from online sites, which was really very convenient for me, so I could pick things myself. When it comes to baby gifts, I find that it's often best to leave it up to the parents themselves to chose things for their baby themselves. Everyone has different tastes and usually very specific ones when it comes to babies.

knowing oneself

There are some things that I know I can do if I put my mind to it, and others that no matter how hard I try that I will never, ever manage to do, such as wrestling. It's just not something that I will ever attempt to do either. Why am I being so dramatic? Well, it's just that one must know ones limitations and strengths and work towards one's goals keeping them in mind. Does it make any sense to fight against one's limitations and not use one's strengths instead? No, not to me. I know what I'm good at and how much I can do, and within those frames I can push myself to excel and broaden my horizons, but in a different sphere, I'd be lost. We must know ourselves well enough to know what we can achieve.

Why am I getting so philosophical? Well, it's partly because now I am a mother and I think about all the things that I will say to my daughter to inspire her, to guide her and to mentor her in the right way. My father always knew my strengths and weaknesses when he guided me in my career choice when I went to college and I hope to be able to do the same with my daughter.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

photo: my little girl

I don't write much about my little daughter Elisha here, do I! So much of my time is taken up with her and I've been a bit shy about posting her photos here, so here are some shots of her. These were all taken in the past few months.

                           yawning away to high glory

                         playing on her alphabet mat

                             reading her favorite book

Earlier photos of her here and here.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Time to give up on those business trips, don't you think?

Well, airfares are to rise once again, just in time for the spring/summer season. It seems to happen every year and it's always the oil's fault, isn't it? That's the reason this time around too. Oh well, people who really have to or want to travel will, but others like some business travelers will have to rely on making a Conference call or two instead of flying overseas themselves. If you think about it, conference calling has really made a lot of headway and the technology is fantastic, so why do people still insist on traveling themselves, especially if the work is limited to talking in a boardroom or some such thing. I think it's just that it gives you a bit of importance, and the little luxuries of staying on company expense in a hotel for a few days, maybe taking the wife/or hubby along for the ride etc. Well, it's time that we reassess the way we work, the way we take company paid trips for granted and the way we value these things.