Sunday, March 27, 2011

what she reaches for

I love how fascinated my baby is with my phone. I know that all babies love the things we use all the time, phones, remotes etc, but it's such a fascinating thing to watch her eyes light up when one of these coveted items is within reach. My phone has her photo on it, and has three crystal buttons that she loves to press to light up the screen. It's a good phone for her to play with and keeps her amused for a while, and at least I'm not worried that it's too pricey or new or fancy like the htc desire 2.2 that I have to be extra careful about. All kids and babies love to play with the things we use and the things that we say no to, so to a certain extent I let her play with them so that she doesn't want them just because I am saying no. One of her favorite things to reach for has been the newspaper, she tries to grab it whenever she sees us reading them and loves to "read" it.


Kits said...

A dear friend's lil flo has a play fone. He speaks absolute nonsense into it but soooo happy about it, I tell ya. You should get E something like that :)

Shalini said...

Yes, I need to get one of sure she will love it. She already has a toy camera and it's her favorite toy.