Tuesday, August 30, 2011

seeing only the good things

Don't you just love to blur things out every once in a while? It's like sitting and daydreaming! Only seeing the good things, the pretty things and blocking out the unsightly! That's what I do when I see roadworks under construction in my neighborhood. It's nice to be on the 16th floor and get this great view!

recession is over, right?

The last few days alone, I have read several reports about how the job market is really starting to pick up again. Not all sectors are seeing a significant change though, but one that is, is the healthcare sector. So things are looking up if you're looking for Billing/Coding Specialist Jobs or maybe jobs for audiologists and for many other healthcare fields. These reports on upswings of the job market have been written about by the newspapers earlier on too, but maybe that was too early to make it as a marker or sorts. Hopefully, this time it's the actual thing.

is the summer over?

I always feel the urge to go shopping when the seasons start to change. For most people the change from spring to summer comes with a huge sigh of relief that the warmer days are here, but for us in the desert the slow shift from summer to well, not so hot summer, makes us want to go all out shopping. We will finally be able to spend some time outdoors. More than running from the door to the car and back. Maybe some barbequing, maybe some time at the beach, maybe just being outdoors for no other reason other than the weather is nice. So the order of the day is for some new shoes, and I even found some with the most delightful name, yellow box shoes! Isn't that charming! Having an interesting name is half the battle for any brand, and this one certainly is memorable.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

All in a day's work

Little flowers from a bunch of stems that I plucked while on a walk. I know it's not allowed, but I just couldn't resist.

So, the weekend was nice and relaxing. I got a lot done. I read the whole week's papers. I did a few crosswords. I sorted things I needed to have sorted many months back. I cleaned. I dusted. And still, I felt rested and like I had accomplished something. Then, last night the fridge broke. Literally, the door fell off. I was like, well, there goes the nice weekend. The door hinge was broken, and it was too late to get someone to get it fixed, so I emptied the door and placed it like it should be and locked the door of the fridge, which is what held it in place.

Elisha with her current favorite book, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

This morning I woke up early to look through the classifieds for a refrigerator repairman. I knew I had to find someone fast, since everyone is working only till 2pm because it's Ramadan. I called a few people who gave me their estimates and then I called the Whirlpool service center and decided to go with them. The girl there was super helpful, scheduling a home visit, ordering the part, etc. And at 2pm, my fridge door was fixed.

So hats, off to the people at Al Ghandi Electronics Service Centre in Dubai. You saved my weekend and my sanity.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the little things of daily life

I keep thinking that I need to write more about the little things, after all, that's what I like to read on other blogs. The simple things that make up our days, the mundane, the repetitive, even the boring. So here are some photos of the little things in my life lately.

Little plants giving out roots in water. So delighted with this development, since I thought it happened only with Money plants...Scindapsus. A week ago, when E woke up early-early and refused to go to sleep, I took her for a walk so that I could pluck some more of these.

Little birds hanging around the hallway. I've had these for ages, but just never got around to hanging them. I actually didn't realize they were in a mobile kind of format. I had thought they would just be hanging on a single string, so was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packet. This spot gets a draft of air from the ac so the birds are always gently moving, which amuses E quite a bit.

I love to play with her toys too! I especially love arranging them in the window to inspire her to do different things. Just wish the light wasn't so harsh.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kinfolk: go read it

It's been a while since I last posted. Sometimes it seems that time just slips by and whoa, it's been "how" long since I posted? I've been around, mostly on flickr actually, and reading a lot of blogs and mags, but just not having anything of importance to share. Well, now I do.

Go read Kinfolk Magazine. I'm hooked on it. And it's just one issue down as yet, but it has appealed to me like never before. It's a magazine about gatherings, simple gatherings in one's home, in one's backyards. Simple and seasonal menu's, simple table decor in sync with it surroundings, and the articles, wow, I'm so impressed. I read many of the online mags, but this is the only when where I actually "read" the articles. Yes, I skip them in Lonny, Rue, Matchbook and all the other ones.

But, Kinfolk is a notch above, I find. Maybe it's the simplicity, maybe it's the quotes, or maybe it's the amazing photos that echo the words so beautifully. One of the articles is about how we are bypassing inviting people into our homes for meeting at restaurants, for fear of the mess at home, lack of space or time constraints, which makes us less likely to really get to know people. How can one form friendships if one never lets people into our homes, to see the real us, our little histories related by photos, artwork, books, the little things that wordlessly tell people who we are.

So, anyway, go read it.

Monday, August 01, 2011

when was the last time you got some personal mail?

I love getting personal mail, but it's seriously dwindling year by year. Birthdays and anniversary is a given, and getting cards at Christmas and New Year's is a real bonus, since no one really sends them out anymore. Apart from a few birthday cards in June, I've only received a postcard from my friend Kits in Japan. Well, actually it was for my daughter, but I can claim it came to me, can't I since she's too small to read!

So, when I read about this website called NotAnotherBill that send you a surprise gift at the start of every month, I thought, wow, this is cool, but also a bit sad, since this is something that we used to do for each other. The fun part is that you get a surprise gift each month, something unique, something quirky, something that you're not even likely to find in a store.

Founded by Art Director and entrepreneur Ned Corbet-Winder, who sources gifts from local markets, vintage fairs and even collaborates with artists to create unique gifts for subscribers, NotAnotherBill costs GBP 15 per month and you can sign up for yourself or to send gifts to someone else. Read more about it on Springwise.