Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kinfolk: go read it

It's been a while since I last posted. Sometimes it seems that time just slips by and whoa, it's been "how" long since I posted? I've been around, mostly on flickr actually, and reading a lot of blogs and mags, but just not having anything of importance to share. Well, now I do.

Go read Kinfolk Magazine. I'm hooked on it. And it's just one issue down as yet, but it has appealed to me like never before. It's a magazine about gatherings, simple gatherings in one's home, in one's backyards. Simple and seasonal menu's, simple table decor in sync with it surroundings, and the articles, wow, I'm so impressed. I read many of the online mags, but this is the only when where I actually "read" the articles. Yes, I skip them in Lonny, Rue, Matchbook and all the other ones.

But, Kinfolk is a notch above, I find. Maybe it's the simplicity, maybe it's the quotes, or maybe it's the amazing photos that echo the words so beautifully. One of the articles is about how we are bypassing inviting people into our homes for meeting at restaurants, for fear of the mess at home, lack of space or time constraints, which makes us less likely to really get to know people. How can one form friendships if one never lets people into our homes, to see the real us, our little histories related by photos, artwork, books, the little things that wordlessly tell people who we are.

So, anyway, go read it.


shilpa said...

i do that. i get people interested in some exciting menu or ambience and have a fun time there rather than them having them come over, because i suffer from the ashamed-of-not-being-a-better-homemaker complex!

Shalini said...

Don't we all. I suffer from the not being able to cook and present a great and memorable meal, or some such thing. And when we finally call people home, we end up having a much better time. I find that the trick is finding the right recipes....and I found inspiration in this mag. Will be making their overnight tomatoes and other things too.

Shalini said...

And yes, now that Elisha's tearing up the house, I'd rather opt for a restaurant too.

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Will definitely check it out, Shalini! Thanks for the recommendation.

Shanthi said...

I was smiling at the way you put up the location :-)

Shalini said...

Neha, thanks for visiting!

Shanthi, :-)