Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is the summer over?

I always feel the urge to go shopping when the seasons start to change. For most people the change from spring to summer comes with a huge sigh of relief that the warmer days are here, but for us in the desert the slow shift from summer to well, not so hot summer, makes us want to go all out shopping. We will finally be able to spend some time outdoors. More than running from the door to the car and back. Maybe some barbequing, maybe some time at the beach, maybe just being outdoors for no other reason other than the weather is nice. So the order of the day is for some new shoes, and I even found some with the most delightful name, yellow box shoes! Isn't that charming! Having an interesting name is half the battle for any brand, and this one certainly is memorable.


Shanthi said...

The shoe that fits one pinches another. Very true !!! Oh how we love summers and how you look forward to get over them. I can imagine I was in Dubai one summer just for a couple of days and OMG god that was scary :-).

Shalini said...

Lol, exactly. Waiting with bated breath for the cool breeze to begin blowing!

Yes, June to Sept is really pathetic. Everyone goes on vacation and the town is really silent.