Saturday, March 12, 2011

finding the perfect gifts for babies

Even before I had my baby, I found that there are just so many sites that cater to specialized gifts for babies and expectant parents. It almost became confusing as to which had the best to offer and where I would find the kind of things that I wanted for my baby. I received many gifts when my daughter was born and several were vouchers from online sites, which was really very convenient for me, so I could pick things myself. When it comes to baby gifts, I find that it's often best to leave it up to the parents themselves to chose things for their baby themselves. Everyone has different tastes and usually very specific ones when it comes to babies.


M's Mom said...

Yep..true. You can't go wrong with some classic choices though. And I'm partial to books. When I hear someone's expecting, the first thing I give them is a picture book to read to their baby...and then depending on their feedback I go on to find other books they may enjoy reading to their child. Reading to your baby can get very addictive and enjoyable if you start early enough and end up with the right books. Love your blog, you have a gift with photos and words.

Shalini said...

Welcome to my blog M's Mom, and thank you for your kind words.

I totally agree, picture books are really great gifts. For a child whose parents aren't too much into reading, I found a lovely book puzzle illustrated by Eric Carle, whose work I really love.