Sunday, March 27, 2011

my way to exercise

Ok, so I'll say it out loud. Exercising has never been my forte. Well, that's not the full truth either. I don't like exercising. Now, I've said it. See, the thing is that if I know it's exercise, then it's no fun for me, so I always have to make it fun and interesting, basically disguise it into something else, such as make a morning walk into a photography walk to give me the incentive to get up bright and early. I'd rather exercise a bit less, but a lot of people would rather just use something like OxyElite Pro that might be an easier and faster way. To me it's just not as interesting as my way!


Kala said...

I like your exercising much better:):)

Shalini said...

Lol, so glad you think the same way!

Adorable Bad Guy said...

Try it out. If you want to make exercising a little exciting, download Lose It app on your HTC Desire. It helped me keep track of cals in an interesting way.