Thursday, April 07, 2011

getting a retail edge

With my retail background, I am often asked why smaller retailers are so hesitant in setting up a modern retail system complete with pos software that tracks all transactions. In my neighborhood itself, there are some small stores where I have spoken to the owners and tried to convince them of the advantages of using this technology, but still the hesitation remains. Why? It's mostly because it's just the way they have run their stores and it's as simple as that.

The turning point is usually when they see the actual system demonstration and understand just how simple it actually is. Simple POS software systems such as CounterPoint, Microsoft RMS, Retail Pro have everything from barcode software, inventory control, sales and commission tracking, purchasing orders and customer loyalty data and much more, which essentially take care of everything that needs to be done in a store. Well, apart from actually stocking the shelves, but I doubt if you're going to find a POS software that does that too!


Haddock said...

tracking all sales would be advantagous I suppose.
Maybe they will have to be shown a used case experience.

Adorable Bad Guy said...

Hmm... How does the cost benefit work out? Most of small retailers know well what they are selling, their inventory and even the price by heart. Perhaps the economics doesn't work out.

In India where avoiding sales tax is rampant, using the software will leave a tell tale audit trail they would want to avoid.