Tuesday, November 02, 2010

the good and bad of changes

As with all moves, one undergoes a sense of upheaval and renewal at the same time. I find that I want to get rid of all my stuff, all the furniture, all the books (yes, all the books too), all the cd's and movies, all the decorative stuff and just start with a complete blank slate. When one stays in the same place for a while, one accumulates so much stuff and one can only account for it when one moves, and with this move, since I wasn't able to edit before we shifted, I find that I need to do that now and only then will I feel settled.

It's almost like I just want to have some simple mattresses or a divan arrangement on the floor or close to it and keep things as simple as that. We've always wanted to have a music room and having something simple like that, would create the right mood. Plus, we have great views from our windows, so then we could focus on that, instead of putting sofa's and tables in front of the windows.

I know it's probably a stage I'm going through, god knows, I don't like sitting so low on a daily basis...I already have a knee problem....but I'm craving a completely different look this time, so it's time to change things around. First to go is the sofa set and then the other furniture.


Nidaa C said...

lovd ths

Nidaa C said...


Chitra said...

all the best, Shalini. :)

I am one of those who likes minimum things around. Too many things get to me. I like space. Even if it is a small space, I like it as empty as possible.

sunny said...

I know the feeling. Just to have simplicity at home.... without all the "stuff" that collects.

I love reading Miss Minimalist's blog (she's based now in the U.K.) and she posted her new bedroom:

simple and pretty!

Shalini said...

Nidaa, :-)

Chitra, thanks...that's how I'm thinking these days.

sunny, thanks for the link, so much interesting reading on Miss Minimalist.

shilpa said...

all I am saying is pictures, pictures and more pictures of the new look :)