Thursday, November 24, 2011

a picnic in the park

How does one document the days that go racing by, the ones that you can barely keep up with. Sometimes they overwhelm me, but mostly I am grateful to at least remember them fondly once they are over. Isn't that how it usually happens? When you're in the moment, it's often too hot or too cold, or you're too exhausted or sleepy, but later on one savors that moment, forgetting the discomfort that one felt. Here's how I want to remember the past week.

A picnic in the park, finding a nice shady spot away from everyone else, figuring out which tree will have the shade the longest depending on which way the sun is traveling. Do you do that? I automatically do. Once in college, a friend and me went exploring Pillsbury Crossing and got confused about which way to go back, but I figured out the way home, just by seeing where the sun was! 
Miss E trying on my sunglasses. I love how fascinated kids are with the things we use, keys, phones, glasses, regular cutlery etc. She only eats scrambled eggs with a grown up fork and not her baby one! 
Picnic lunch of Quiche Lorraine and coleslaw. Simple and easy to transport. And some chocolate cookies too. And that's E's book of colors peeking in the corner.

Streaky sunset as we came out of a nearby grocery store. 
A quiet way to end the day.


Purvi said...

Hey Shalini, I guess the pictures are the best way of documenting such memories... i see them sort of a treasure which can be revisited time and again to bring smiles to our faces :)

Anonymous said...

Me superlikes ! :)

shilpa said...

its beautiful how you are documenting all the fun you have with E. i love how she puts your sunglasses, just like you do, i'm sure. also, that streaky sunset melts my heart!

Shalini said...

Purvi, yes....I love going back to see the old photos too :-)

hw, :-)

shilpa, thanks! Interestingly, I don't do that too often, but often enough for her to notice it I suppose.

Franka said...

Must have been a wonderful picnic!
The way you finish the day is a little bit *Advent!


♥ Franka

Rahul Bhatia said...

Nice pictures! Always fun to revisit them! :)

Pop Champagne said...

looks like you had a great day with some great weather and company! what a nice way to spend an afternoon :)

Nayana said...

Its so cute the way ur daughter put ur sunglasses. its fun going back and see these memories :)

Shanthi said...

Where do you live ? It looks so green and nice. Hmmmm... atleast someone in some part of the world are enjoying the greenery while we are surrounded by grey, dark days with leafless tress and frost burnt grass. Awaiting snow as it lights up the whole surroundings.

Shalini said...

Franka, was a lovely little picnic....and how interesting that it resembles Advent!

Rahul, thank you :-)

Pop Champagne, exactly :-)

Nayana, kids do the sweetest things, don't they!

Shanthi, we're in Dubai....and the way our seasons change makes it sometimes feels like we're in the southern hemisphere.