Sunday, November 11, 2012

music makes the world go round

This weekend has been all about music. And dancing. Oooh, lots and lots of dancing. Not us, but little E has found every opportunity to dance, dance and then dance some more. Having a great music system at home is always a great investment, especially having high quality speakers. But if you're a professional musician, then nothing short of having a dbx driverack system will do of course. It's all about fine tuning the system that optimizes the sound. Loudspeaker management is essential to getting a great sound, and if you're performing live, it becomes even more essential. At a fair we'd gone to over the weekend, the loudspeakers were so bad, so loud and so irritating. Loud is not always better, you don't get to hear the subtle nuances of the music, and by having a loudspeaker management system, it can be taken care of. With features like Stereo feedback elimination with 12 notch filters, a 28-band RTA that tunes the system, classic dbx input compression and so on, its the best of its class, and the sound proves it. So, that's what it's all about. Play some great music and dance, dance, dance!

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