Sunday, November 18, 2012

are you done shopping?

Just the last few days before we leave for our trip home and still so many things to do. The one thing that I've been lagging behind this time around is buying presents, and it seems that I have to buy so many more presents this time around. So, I have been surfing online, not only to find interesting stuff, but also to find some new ideas, to be inspired. And I have come across some great ideas, mostly from other blogs that I read on a pretty regular basis....but I'm not listing the ideas here quite as yet, at least not until I've gifted them. The interesting thing is that they are quite different from what I'd normally buy as presents, maybe not as different as something like cigars humidor or a piece of moonrock, but still different. And no, I'm not done yet. ps: black friday weekend is coming up soon, so make that list.


shilpa said...

it cant be too soon for my Christmas trip :)
i have a host of stuff to first think, then buy.

Shalini said...

I seem to go blank when it comes to shopping for gifts, when I have to buy for several people and in a rush. Otherwise I love to shop for gifts, taking my time to come up with something that they will love.