Monday, November 26, 2012

daily jam session

We're home for the holidays and I'm enjoying a much awaited rest and time off. The little one is having a whale of a time with the grandparents and the emphasis is on music. She adores to sing and play the keyboards, so that's on the program every single day. I wonder if she'll have this affinity to music when she grows up too. I do hope so, since she has the rhythm, a lovely thing to see in a child. And she makes it look so effortless. I wonder if I'll be buying things like Proline Stands in the future, along with whatever instrument she's interested in. Being good in music is one thing, but if you have the right equipment and instruments, it can make all the difference in the world. So far, the keyboard has been her favorite instrument, something she plays on a daily basis, if plays is what you can call it! Getting a keyboard stand is not that far off in my mind...maybe a few years, and then she can have fun jamming. I like the look of the simple x-stands, especially the ones without a clutch mechanism, which usually wears out with usage. Having a light and sturdy stand is also essential, something which is perfect for small to medium sized keyboards and something that has fully welded contact points.

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