Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have come to love marking the passage of time with photos and little excerpts below them. Maybe because it makes the week seem more fun that it might have been, when all you can think of is how tired you are, or maybe it's just a good way to focus on the good side of things. Whichever way, it's become the practice to post every Sunday night with some photos of the previous week.
 Running with joy.....with the weather finally so lovely in Dubai, the evening walks have become so much more fun. She loves to notice the birds and pick up fallen flowers along the way, ending at a grassy patch where we play with the ball and blow bubbles.

 A morning treat, picked up at the bakery after dropping her to school one morning!

Lovely little flowers along the way in the pale light of the evening. I love these little flowers, and we have lots and lots of them along the paths here.


shilpa said...

must do something like this, a weekly overview like. better than a block masquerading as difnified silence :)

may the little bits of joy keep coming, insha allah!

Manu Tyagi said...

बहुत बढिया । आपको दीपावली की शुभकामनायें

vandana craftsia said...

This is a real nice way to keep track of time and also focus on the good and positive things in life.Truly inspiring.

Shalini said...

shilpa, yeah it's a good way to feel balanced of sorts.

Manu, thank you. And to you too.

Vandana, thank you.