Monday, April 02, 2012


It's been a wonderful week...apart from both e and me getting a bit of a cough and cold. We've had time to relax, to go out for coffee, to go to the playground, to just sit and chill and do nothing. It's a lovely feeling to be back home.

As always, I love cutting flowers from the garden and arranging them for different corners of the house. 

Having coffee in the study with an old friend. Always lovely to catch up with friends, especially old-old friends.

Relaxing in the afternoon in the study and noticing the sunshine streaming in through the sheer curtains.

More flowers from the garden. I love our winter flowers.

And some coffee outside with friends!


tanianomaan said...

Beautiful!! Love those flowers! You're back home as in back in Dubai?

Shalini said...

No, no, I'm at home-home, with my parents! That's how I still have time to do these things! Sorry for the confusion!