Monday, April 13, 2009

Kerala Trip - Day 7

Day 7

The backwaters of Kumarakom to Coimbatore

* Early morning --- we're all up for the alarms needed!

* It's so peaceful and quiet, I love it!

* Morning tea in the open air living area, while the handover for the next family vacation is discussed Olympic in before one Olympics ends, the location for the next one is announced! It's to be at our family village on the banks of the Soan river in Bihar, and we will hopefully explore Nalanda, Rajgir, Varanasi and more!

* A couple of hours of sailing back to our mooring....we have a bit of poetry reading, with my ma-in-law reading some of her new poems! Wah, what an atmosphere to read poetry!

* We're back already? No, no it's too soon, can we rewind, I don't want to get off the kettuvellum!

* I walk about a bit and find this lovely temple next to where we are moored. I pay my respects from afar, hoping to come back some day.

* All good things must come to an end, I suppose! We start our long drive to Coimbatore and then from there to Bangalore the next morning.

* Puncture stop! Luckily it's a nice shady spot, with an interesting love and happiness ashram across the road and a temple on a hill nearby....not that we go exploring, just nice sights to see from afar!

* End of the trip!

I suddenly realized I had not posted this last edition.....and thought I must clear all old vacation posts, before I head out on a new one ;-)

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Patricia Torres said...

All your Kerala posts makes me want to plan my next holiday... and go off to Kerala for a while... (probably will do it in Nov ... just me and my husband!)

Have a nice holiday.... Take care and enjoy yourself!!!

अविनाश said...

beautiful captures..thx 4 sharing

Katja said...

I love that pink light in the top images, so beautiful! The images look so peaceful and serene, like a dream destination :)

Shalini said...

Thanks Patricia! It really is a great place for a vacation....and there's so much variety! Thanks...doing the last check and then powering off :-)

Avinash, thanks so much!

Katja, the sunrise was really so ethereal. Yes, it really is a dream destination.

Sharanya said...

lovely kerala series..:)
Those stops between long drives i love and if the stops are near lovely places (hills, rivers, lakes, temples) its gets all the more better :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Lovely.showing me my KERALA,OUR KERALA.thanks dear

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great vacation!

bindu said...

Love the pastel landscape shots.

JD said...

the first pic almost made my heart skip.. i wana go back to kerala..

Anonymous said...

WOW Shalini, every time you write about your Kerala trip you evoke my memories. Thanx so much for this. And yes i am looking forward to your next holiday picts :-)

Leelawadee. said...

I was thinking about visiting Kerala but unfortunately I didn't get that chance yet (not enough holidays to go that far) but good news was that I just visited Chennai and around the ciity ..yuppy!

I will post photos soon but will find the ways to make sure you could see them.

Reading the post from your Kerala trip really makes me wanted to go there...everybody said that same that it is a very nice city......I will make sure I ask you when I will be visiting (dreaming and dreaming now :) ).

Keep posting and I will read more on weekend!
Take care,


Kumudha said...

Thanks for sharing so many great pictures of Kerala!

Shalini said...

Thanks so much Sharanya, I completely agree!

Lakshmi, would love to go back again someday!
Aditi, It was a fantastic vacation!

bindu, thanks...everything looked so good there!

JD,yes, the sunrise was amazing to see!

Kanchan, Lol, thanks so much....I get to relive my vacation through the photos, so love making series of them!

Leelawadee, Kerala is an amazing place and has enormous variety in landscape! I'm sure you'll love it!

Kumudha, :-)

Anil P said...

I've rarely seen a Kerala picture that does not make for a pretty scene.

The blog header is nice as well. Where was the picture taken?

Shalini said...

Anil, I agree...Kerala offers amazing landscapes and the light is always great.

The blog header photo was taken in Mussoorie...a rain shelter on Camel's Back Road.

pRiyA said...

hmmm...after reading arch's post on her kerala holiday and now yours, i think this is going to be a must see on my list.