Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kerala Trip - Day 6

Day 6

* I can't believe it's time to leave Cardamom Club - I must come back here again.

* We leave around 830am in the morning and drive through beautiful tea plantations towards Kumarakom, arriving just after 11am.

* Wow, the kettuvellums (houseboats) are beautifully decorated, with traditional carved paneling. We have two 3 bdr houseboats for 11 of us, each is fully equipped with large kitchens, cooking and serving staff. The bedrooms have beautiful murals behind the beds, are air-conditioned and have private baths, some even with bathtubs!

* The best part of the kettuvellums is the open sitting areas, with fantastic views all around. Our kettuvellum has a bench all around its perimeter in the living room, so one can have lots of choices of views!

* We start sailing and snacking, taking in the scenery, going past all types of houses in the backwaters, noticing the nonchalant way that the locals guide their small boats.

* After about an hour we meet up with the second kettuvellum and moor together for lunch, which is fantastic. We had specially requested for traditional sea food and coconut curries they have not let us down.

* We all spend the afternoon reading, dozing and watching the world go by!

* Tea and banana fritters for our evening snack. The evening light is so warm and beautiful, that everything looks even more spectacular.

* We moor with our second boat for the night in a smaller channel of the backwaters. I go onto the shore with a few others to explore the area.

* We settle in for a relaxed evening watching childhood videos of my husband, my sis-in-law and cousins, a good way to end a beautiful day!


pink dogwood said...

I never knew there were house boats anywhere other than Kashmir - sounds awesome - more pictures please :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely more pictures, please!! The bedrooms looked very inviting and that painting was very beautiful.

~mE said...

perfect holiday :)
and kerala mural...thats my on going project :)

Shalini said...

pink dogwood, these are very popular with tourists and it's a great way to see the natural beauty of the Kerala backwaters. Haha, will post more pics in a separate post!

Aditi, LOL, yes more coming up soon!

Shranya, Wow, really looking forward to seeing you create it!

hitch writer said...

yea more pics please !!!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely shalini,feel like going in one this time we go home.

Shalini said...

Thanks hitch writer...will post more shots :-)

Lakshmi, I really enjoyed it. I'm sure Gayatri will love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Shalini for this post..I just recollected my fine memories of this place...too good :-)