Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kerala trip--Day 1

I'm starting on a series about our Kerala Road post per day of our travels, hopefully encompassing the gist of the day.

Day 1

Bangalore to Wayanad

*Ah the anticipation of a trip! Magical :-)

*Waking up at 4:30am has never been so easy.

*Breakfast at Kamat on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. We sit outside and watch the monkey's in the bamboo grove as we eat.

*Stop over for Cafe Coffee Day before entering Bandipur Sanctuary for lunch/snacks and drinks.

*Driving through the hills of Wayanad is simply beautiful.

*Arrive at Mountain Dew Homestay in the afternoon. It is a delightful little place on the northern slope of a hill, overlooking misty valleys.

*Quick round of tea and then we're off for a plantation walk, through coffee bushes and pepper vines. The path is quite wide, jeep-able, but also quite steep. We're promised a fantastic view up above, so we continue on. I start my leaf collection for the trip.

*The hill has wonderful mineral water. I'd loved to have seen the spring....but must keep something for next time!

*Climbing, climbing, slowly climbing.....don't want to strain my knee on the very first day but then, I definitely don't want to miss the sights either.

*We're rewarded with a wonderful view, not at the top, but quite close to it!

*We have a nice tapioca dish (with rye and curry leaf tarka) as a snack....sent to us by the owners family.

*Dinner is a relaxed affair on the terrace upstairs, with lots of local flavours. The vegetable stew is delicious. A superb start!


Shriya said...

Did you do a safari at bandipur?
Any pictures?
you can see some of my bandipur mudumalai wildlife / bird pictures at
Best regards

Shalini said...

Thanks for visiting Bala. We only drove through the sanctuary on this trip. We'll be going there on another trip. Thanks for the information.