Thursday, May 03, 2007

On reading new blogs

There are a lot of interesting blogs out there, but it's certainly not easy finding the good ones. Technorati says there are 71 million blogs live, so finding a few good ones to read everyday can be a daunting task. I read mostly business sites and blogs, but like to intersperse them with some personal ones as well, to get a fresh perspective and an insight to another person's life. I especially like reading about a different culture or location than my own. Today, I came across Simmy's blog, a mother of two in Sydney, Australia which has some great insight into her life.

In her blog, she talks about life and living, on how she would have handled the past knowing what she knows now, of reliving the past and chronicling the present with blogs, scrap booking, photography etc. It's a nice perspective she has considering that there have been a lot of tough events in her life lately, but she has gained resilience through her experiences and her children. I like reading about such people, as they represent hope and working through immense problems to come up and really "live" a life well.

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