Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time to stop and stare

There was a time when one could do one thing at a time and not feel like one was wasting time not multi-tasking. A time when we were kids when one could sit and talk even when the electricity went, waiting patiently for it to come back. But now the electricity doesn't go, at least not for more than 20 seconds, so that's what the kids are used to. They expect immediacy in everything. As if everything is controlled by a remote. Stop. Play. Start. Pause and Rewind. If they are watching a recorded show, which is what I usually do, they don't have the patence to sit through the advertisement, rushing to me to tell me to forward it for them. In a way, I'm ok with that, I mean, the less advertisements they see, the better, but it's that lack of patience again.

Most kids lives are scheduled to the second. School time, eating time, ballet class, karate class, drawing class, robotics class and so on. It's mind boggling that kids are not left to just play, random play where they make up games, run around till they fall, laugh at themselves, and simple stuff like that. I find that I'm one of the few mothers in my daughter's class who doesn't send her to any of these classes. We did skating for a while, but she got bored of it in just a few weeks making me realize at 4 is too young for all this. I don't want to push her into such a routine and I can't believe that others don't see the harm that they are doing to their kids by doing it.

 See that guy in the background? He's just lounging. Enjoying the view. Not uploading FB or IG. Just standing there.

 When you stop and stare you notice little beauties like these.

 Oh, what a baby she looks like here! Just a year ago! She was glued to the railing, watching the yatchs and waiting for her turn!

Lovely place to walk and get a view of the lake in Nainital.

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