Sunday, May 06, 2007

Finding accounting services

For the majority of small and medium businesses, getting a good and reasonably priced accountant can be a tough task. One is never quite sure if the service and the advice one is getting is with the company's best interests in mind or their own. Sometimes it is even hard to find a decent accountant in one's area. A company in the UK, Just Accountants, has launched a new site that takes care of this very issue and lets you Find Bookkeeping Services, by connecting consumers to accountants. All consumers have to do is to fill in a simple form and they will be matched to four accountant from whom they can select the best one. This service is definitely something that is needed on the Internet, since we all rely so much on it for business, so why not for finding the right accountant as well. The section of consumers it will benefit most are the self-employed or small business people, who are willing to try new ways of doing business. The larger companies, I feel, tend to stick to more traditional ways.

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