Friday, April 06, 2007

Use Zakle to get the inside scoop

Some time back I tried out a new service of trading favors at a site called Zakle, a new site that combines social networking and providing information. I signed up and asked for a favor to find the best cheesecake in Dubai, assigned a certain number of points to be given in return and waited for an answer. I was contacted pretty soon from Jim in St. Louis who said he had the information and requested a slightly higher number of points than I had originally specified. I agreed and he sent me the details on Limetree Cafe. After a gentle reminder from Jim, I released the points to him (I had thought it would be done automatically actually). My hubby has been in Dubai for the past week and went to Limetree Cafe for a meal with our old friends from Bangalore who now live there. He was absolutely thrilled with the food, the ambiance, the serving size, the menu, pretty much everything. So, thanks to Zakle, we have found a great place for continental food and incredible deserts such as carrot cake, brownies and of course, cheesecake.

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