Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tamper proof asset labels

Since I am in research and am a good researcher, I am often given the task of "finding" anything and everything on the Internet by my company. The latest is that our company just got 10 new laptops that are to be given to associates and I have been given the task of searching for asset labels that will identify and mark them as our assets. So, when I came across these asset labels from seareach, I was very happy to note that they were exactly what I had been looking for.

These tags are tamper proof and and have a bar code that can be read electronically, making it easier to control theft. I personally liked the ones with the hologram stripe on one side, for added security. So there, that's one job done for my company and it might turn out to be all good, since I might get one of the new laptops as well! That would be a good incentive, right?

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