Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Succeding in multi-channel retailing

Retail is no longer just about selling products and is increasingly becoming more about providing excellence in customer service instead. According to Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex, a digital signage company stated that, "Retailing has changed from a product-centric business to a customer-centric business. Shopping is now a user experience where services and products must be built around individual customers." Thanks to development of new technologies, marketers can create individual experiences for consumers. In-store experiences such as digital signage and self service are the corner stone of multi-channel retailing of today.
Digital signs are one very effective way of "pulling traffic" from one area to another. Humans are drawn to screens, but only if the content is visually exciting and relevant — that same Xbox that caused the traffic problem in the first place has also trained consumers to expect sophisticated media. Arial text and bulleted PowerPoint lists simply will not do anymore.

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