Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Plan a trip to Greece

We're moving to Dubai next month and are looking forward to start exploring eastern Europe and countries like Turkey, Greece and Cyprus from there. Greece especially seems very fascinating to me and I am looking forward to going there. I found a site that specializes in providing information on accommodation, attractions, cultural aspects of Greece as well as a lot of other interesting places. For Athens, the Accommodations News and Updates recommends the G R Louis Hotel, since it is centrally located in the business district being close to the museums and concert halls, and has very courteous staff.

This site offers a lot of Discount Accommodation News, and information on places to see in Athens such as the Acropolis and the new developments in Athens due to the city holding the 2004 Olympics. Before settling on any destination, it is a good idea to do some proper research so you know all the basic details, such as weather, national holidays, transportation, banking rules and health restrictions.

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