Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On consumer generated advertising

The worlds of advertising and publishing meet again in this new service that connects the two industries. Smorty is the newest entry to the world of blog advertising, where advertisers and marketers compensate bloggers to write about their product or service on their blogs. It's a great way to reach potential customers, since blog readers are often not targeting well by mainstream media. Smorty uses a combination of factors such as rankings, links, feeds, and readership to judge its member blogs, who are then assigned to write about products and services that fit in with the topics covered in the blog. It works to raise awareness of new products and services and widens the scope of a blogger. Members get get paid to blog and advertisers get their product and service known to more people, which is a winning combination for both sides. Although there has been a lot of dissent on paid advertisements, it is the way of the future. After all, celebrities are paid to wear certain designer clothes and everyone is fine with that, although that is also a form of advertising. Consumer generated advertising is his is the way of the future and will remain a successful format.

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