Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting discounted Disney tickets

When I lived in Kansas City, I loved going to the theme parks nearby, but none of them come even close to the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which literally is the mother of all theme parks. It's a place you just have to go to at least once, regardless if you have kids or not. The variety of rides and experiences is simply amazing, ranging from exciting to terrifying, whatever degree you prefer, there is a ride for you.

The downer to going to Disney World are the entry tickets, they are quite expensive and there is simply too much to see, even if you try to cram it in one day. A better way is to buy tickets from Orlandofuntickets.com, which is the leading supplier for Discount Disney Tickets as well as tickets to all the other theme parks, attractions, such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure dinner theatres and other shows in the Orlando area. They have a great deal called Disney Magic Your Way, where you can buy tickets for whatever number of days you'd like, making it quite cost effective.

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