Friday, April 06, 2007

Get results using a global search engine

My current research project is giving me a hard time and finding relevant results is becoming almost impossible. I am researching branding and design companies in the UK and Singapore that focus on doing work for the telecommunication industry on the consumer side. While I have been able to find a couple of good directories for the UK that list out a lot of design, branding and identity firms, the results have been dismal for my Singapore searches. I was quite happy to learn of a new business focused search engine that has a global reach. Masterseek is a new global search engine that gives you free access to company profiles, contact details and a basic description of what the company's products and services are. Currently, they have listings of over 45 million companies in 75 countries on their site. I have been using Hoovers and Yahoo Biz on a regular basis to research company information, but a lot of their profiles are not free and not accessible unless one signs up with them as a member. Masterseek is looking to provide the same sort of information for free which I think is a great way to get noticed in the industry.

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