Tuesday, April 17, 2007

French retailer Le Marche opens in Bombay

French retailer Le Marche has opened up a hypermarket rather quietly. There have been no reports in the newspapers at all. I found out about it, as it is located down the road from my home. We went there on Saturday to explore the new entrant to the Indian retail scene. It is located in the basement of the triangular shaped Mega Mall, although it is the only store that is open as yet. While the store was good overall, I did not like the lack of proper AC and its sales people, who were more interested in gossip sessions than dealing with customers. Prices were just below MRP, quite similar to what one finds in HyperCITY. The overall look was quite all right, but nothing that special either. HyperCITY rules when it comes to creating a great atmosphere and inviting shopping environment.

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