Saturday, April 07, 2007

Compare book prices on

As a book lover, I always love to know about new place to buy books or research them. which was started ten years back as a class project by University of California, Berkeley student Anirvan Chatterjee, has grown by magnificent proportions and now has an inventory of 125 million books from over 100,000 book sellers. The company finds new and used books, including textbooks, rare books, out of print books in English as well as French, German and Italian, and compares prices from all retailers.
"We`ll show you everyone`s prices with the cost of shipping built-in, so you know you`re seeing the best deals," Chatterjee says. "Most book enthusiasts might have time to check the prices at one or two major online booksellers. We`ll save you time and money by checking over 100,000."

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